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Why Our Family Switched To T-Mobile

When I was a new mom, I always worried about what life would be like for my children in the future. I would never have believed 20 years ago that my children would be so technologically advanced today. Twenty years ago there were pagers (also known as beepers), home phones with answering machine recordings, and pens that used real ink (NOT stylus pens) that you wrote with on paper.

I sound so much like my grandmother right now! Even though twenty years wasn't that long ago, technology for family has certainly evolved. This digital world we live in now is crazy advanced, and my kids were asking for cell phones in elementary school.

As much as I hesitated, I appreciate cell phones for any age because it gives me peace of mind that we can connect with our kids anytime we need to know. Examples of how we use cell phones with the kids are afterschool pick-up, extracurricular activities outside of school and home, and when we forgot something in the car while at the mall and need to find each other because everyone else went ahead. That's actually what my husband who suggested the last example. Oh boy.

And when I was at my corporate job I was having to coordinate with two teenagers, two elementary school aged children, and a husband who also worked full-time. It is convenient and easy to get ahold of each other if there were any last minute schedule changes.

I've been a T-Mobile Ambassador for the last five months, and the experience has helped me learn why I should switch to T-Mobile, and in turn, has made me a loyal T-Mobile customer for life! I've loved being a T-Mobile customer, because of more reasons than I can count on my fingers.

One big reason that really matters to us as T-Mobile customers is that there are different plans available that is specific to your family, including Unlimited 55+ for those who have plans expanding to older generations and military family plans. With our extended, blended family (which includes my mother-in-law whom lives with us) – we felt we need a more flexible plan that made most sense for our family. T-Mobile for the win!

Another huge reason we made the switch as T-Mobile customers (and also one that allowed our children to have their own cell phone) are the services that support families such as FamilyMode and even NETFLIX! With my two youngest still in elementary school, we were very hesistant to give them cell phones primarily because we wouldn't have been able to monitor every single they do on their cell phones 24 hours a day. With FamilyMode from T-Mobile, we can monitor all their devices (including their cell phone).

The final reason we love our T-Mobile service and are T-Mobile customers is because our family travels…everywhere we can whenever we can. From weekend traveling to traveling abroas – we love to travel! With Simple Global T-Mobile ONE, customers get unlimited data and texting and in more than 210 countries and destinations! We can post and text photos, check our maps online and stay connected when we travel abroad, without worrying about bill shock when we get home – it could save you approximately $85/year.

See? This is why you should switch to T-Mobile. With the new year just a few weeks away, it's a great time to switch! Check out all of T-Mobile's deals and T-Mobile's plans now!

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

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