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When You Choose Dove, You Help Girls Spark Self Esteem

We recently had the opportunity to host a Dove House Party in Las Vegas where we invited ten women and their daughters over for some fun and games (along with samples and goodies provided by Dove). This was a sponsored House Party by Dove and all opinions are my own.

Dove House Party Spark Self Esteem 1

When you choose Dove, you help girls build self-esteem. With the #sparkselfesteem campaign, I have learned so much about individuality and what young girls go through each day at school, in their extra curricular activities and when they're at home (including with my own daughter).

Dove House Party Spark Self Esteem 4

I've grown to love and respect these young girls so much more for their efforts in empowering other girls and setting a great example to positive self-esteem.

Dove House Party Spark Self Esteem 2

We facilitated activities that opened the eyes, ears, and heart of many of these moms and their daughters on some of the real-life experiences, goals, visions, and empowerment happening in their lives today. We encouraged them to create “Inspiration Boards” and even had some fun with our followers on Twitter to join in.

Dove House Party Spark Self Esteem 6

Some of the goodies we received were fun stick-on tattoos, stickers, coupons for Dove body wash products, and samples of Dove body wash.

Dove House Party Spark Self Esteem 5

The outcome was nothing short of positive, and we created an open environment for women and young girls to speak freely on self-esteem. We wanted to ignite a passion and excitement for confidence no matter what age, and at the same time help moms like me understand some of the struggles, successes and lessons young girls go through in this day in age.

Dove House Party Spark Self Esteem 3

We've learned how truly and deeply unique each and every one of us women and young girls are. And listening to each one present their inspiration boards was an eye-opener to what makes each of us smile, feel excited, feel joy and feel peace. Building self-esteem starts early.

Dove Spark Self Esteem 7

When you purchase Dove, you show your support for self-esteem building programs for girls in your local community. Visit to purchase Dove products today!

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