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What is Whey Protein Isolate and Why You Need It

My father-in-law has been in ICU going on three weeks now, and I'm so happy to see him progressing! The experience was an abrupt awakening to our lifestyle – how we eat, what we eat, and how we treat our bodies. It's changed our perspective on how we define good health and fitness and that it is no longer the number on the scale but a life-saving lifestyle. Proper fitness and nutrition keeps us healthy and strong, and that's the best possible thing we could do for our bodies. Our bodies truly are our temples, and let's face it, we aren't always caring for it. As a parent, we put our children's and everyone else's health and needs before ours because we're selfless but there's got to be a balance.

You know when you're traveling on an airplane and the flight attendants discuss the safety announcement before take-off and they tell you: “in case the oxygen masks drop, put your mask on first and then put your child's mask on…”? It goes the same for your health — take care of your body first because you and your family need you to be strong and healthy enough to take care of them and their needs.

George and I have been on a health streak and really pushing self-control and self-discipline on each other. And it's one thing to eat clean and workout, but your body needs proper nutrition and vitamins at the right time. Workouts are a perfect example. After researching the different types of nutrition to incorporate with our workouts, I learned about whey protein.

Isopure Cookies Cream

Whey protein is considered a complete protein and contains all 9 essential amino acids and is low in lactose content. The type of whey protein that caught my attention as being the most beneficial for my fitness goals is whey protein isolate which is further processed to remove all the fat and lactose. There are many possible benefits I've read so far that are associated with the consumption of Whey Isolate Protein and I honestly don't know why I haven't been doing this to begin with when I started my fitness adventures five years ago!

The whey protein isolate from Isopure is pretty amazing – it's a lean mean carb free machine. The Isopure Zero Carb powder packs 50 grams (per 2-scoop serving) of 100% pure whey protein isolate, without a carb in sight. And it still comes with glutamine, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep your muscles tough, lean and ready to rock it. Isopure Zero Carb has 10,900 mg of BCAA's and 4.6 grams of L-Glutamine in every serving, and is lactose and gluten free. Our powerful protein powder is available in 1lb, 3lb and 7.5lb size tubs, and comes in a variety of seriously delicious flavors: Creamy Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate (Low Carb), Strawberries & Cream, Cookies & Cream, Banana Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, Toasted Coconut (Low Carb), Mango Peach, Alpine Punch, Apple Melon and Pineapple Orange Banana.

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The microfiltration process used to create Isopure is so complete that it is the only completely clear milk protein when it is dissolved in water. (Please note that since the powders have a vitamin/mineral premix, the powder will be cloudy when dissolved as not all the vitamins/minerals are soluble).And I am loving the variety of flavors…

We encourage you to read up about Isopure and the products they offer that can help you reach your fitness goals by going to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Isopure.

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