Season Two Total Mom Makeover

Watch PTA Mom and OC Blogger Jennifer Willey in Her Before and After Mommy Makeover Transformation

Jennifer Willis Before Transformation

On the first day we met, we knew that Jennifer is such a lovely person to be around. She could not stop talking how amazing her family life is. It is amazing how she can find work-life balance despite her busy schedule. Jennifer is also a blogger who definitely deserves a mom makeover.

Jennifer Willis Before Mom Makeover

Watch the busy PTA Mom and OC Blogger, Jennifer Willey, as she enjoys some pampering time for Total Mom Makeover:

DAISY: How many children do you have and what are their ages?
JENNIFER: My son is 9 years old. My daughter is 8 years old.

DAISY: What are your favorite hobbies and/or types of community service you serve in?
JENNIFER: I’m a busy part time working mom who is actively involved in my children’s school PTA. I run their PTA Website, Facebook Page, PTA Calendar, PTA Newsletter that is distributed to school staff and families, Yearbook photographer and editor.

When at home, I assist my husband who is the Athletic Director, PE Department Chair and Head coach of the girls softball and golf programs at his school. I set up and maintain the softball team’s Facebook page and Twitter (When I have time). Also take photos of the team for social media and news outlets when they receive local publicity as well as maintain snack bar inventory and end of the season awards.

Jennifer Willis Behind the Scenes

For my kids classes, I’m room mom each year as well as team mom for my son’s baseball teams and UBER for my daughter with her numerous dance classes.

Oh, and I mentioned part time employment. I work at Cypress Elementary School District as a substitute teacher as well as an Orange County Blogger.

DAISY: Walk us through what your mornings look like getting everyone ready for the day:
JENNIFER: In the morning I get up early just to get myself ready. 5am I’m up and at the computer for about 40 min to sift through emails and work on my blog. Then I’m in the shower, drying my hair and a quick make up job. Then I get the kids up, which takes a while. Hover over them while they get dressed, breakfast, straighten rooms, then off to school.



Do you want to find out more about Jennifer’s story? Check the full article at Total Mom Makeover. Click here.

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