Season Two Total Mom Makeover

Watch New Mom (Again) Desiree Maas and Her Mommy Makeover Before and After Transformation

Desiree Maas Before Scene

Being with Desiree Maas was a nice experience. We enjoyed our time together during the entire shoot. She is one of those people who brings light whenever she enters a room. This mommy deserves a major mom makeover.

Desiree Maas Before Scene 2

Watch the before and after total makeover transformation of our featured mom, Desiree:

DAISY: How many children do you have and what are their ages?
DESIREE: There are three of them. The ages are 4 years old, 9 years old and 8 months old.

DAISY: What are your favorite hobbies and/or types of community service you serve in?
DESIREE: Reading! Crafts/scrap booking. I take millions of photos of my kids LOL I’ve worked full time since I was 16 years old… and just recently resigned to stay home with my kids. I’ve done homeless outreaches, been involved in my church and even for work always helped others as a Personal Trainer and Wedding Planner. But it’s finally time for ME and my family. That’s the new focus.

DAISY: Walk us through what your mornings look like getting everyone ready for the day:

Desiree Maas

DESIREE: Busy! And Fast LOL with my 8 month old we wake pretty early. My husband was working out of state a lot so I typically had to get my 3rd grader off to school while dragging along the baby and my 4 yr old. Then once he is gone it’s back to keepin the other two kids and dogs fed and entertained. I try to sit daily and do some type of schooling with them.

To learn more about the life and story of Desiree, head to Total Mom Makeover. Click here for the full article.

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