Wall Decor – DIY Family Banner

Wall Decor - DIY Family Banner

Wall Decor - DIY Family Banner


Last month we shared a great DIY project for kitchen wall decor and this month we have another tutorial for great wall decor, this time in your living room!  As we mentioned when we shared the last piece, wall decor is often pricey and rarely unique.  We’ve come up with a very affordable FAMILY banner that will accent your living room or a picture wall.  It’s super easy to make and you can customize it for any room.

Wall Decor – DIY Family Banner


  • prefinished molding or trim – cut to approximately 3″ high (most home improvement stores will cut to size if needed)
  • drill and drill bit
  • ribbon – 1 spool 1/2″ wide
  • letter stickers – found in the craft or scrapbooking department

Wall Decor - DIY Family Banner


Step 1

Begin by drilling a small hole in the top of each piece of molding.

Step 2

Carefully place each sticker letter onto the pieces of molding.  You will not want to remove them once they are placed on the molding so be sure you place them where you want them.  Sticker letters come in a variety of textures and can even be dimensional.  You can create a very different look depending on the letters you choose.

Step 3

Begin threading your ribbon through the holes that were drilled in each piece.  You’ll want to bring the ribbon through the hole and tie a knot to secure the piece in place on the ribbon.  Do not cut the ribbon after each piece as you want to create a continuous string for your banner to hang.  

Step 4

Tie a loop at the top of the banner after the final piece of molding has been tied on.  This loop will be for hanging the banner.  I added a small bow to the loop for an added detail. 


Your DIY Family Banner is complete!  Hang it next to photos of your family for a great accessory.  You could do this banner in different colors, create with different words – hope, dream, believe, pray.  It is a great DIY wall decor for any room!


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