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Update your Winter Wardrobe on a Budget

Winter Wardrobe On A Budget

Winter Wardrobe On A Budget

As the winter storms hit, it’s time to Update Your Winter Wardrobe On A Budget.  Not only can you have gorgeous styles to wear every day, you can do so on a budget.  Finding the latest winter fashion trends at your favorite stores doesn’t have to lead to debt or disappointment.  You can follow some of our time tested ideas to upgrade your closet with great winter wardrobe finds.

Update Your Winter Wardrobe On A Budget

Update with trending color statement pieces.  Sometimes your budget just won’t allow you to go buy a whole new winter wardrobe, but you can still manage to update your existing wardrobe with a few trending color statement pieces.  Watch for the hottest winter color or pattern trends and pick those items out in things like a blouse, sweater or cardigan to accent your existing wardrobe.

Buy winter trends in accent accessories.  Scarves, boot cuffs and big statement jewelry pieces are an excellent choice when you want to update your winter wardrobe on a budget, but don’t want to buy a lot of pricey items.  Everyone loves the trendy infinity scarves of the last few years, and this is of course the best time to wear them! Grab some nice chunky scarves in the latest winter fashion colors and trends, or upgrade with new winter jewelry pieces and fun crocheted boot cuffs.  Accessories can quickly revamp last years sweaters or dresses.

Take advantage of sales with coupons for pricier items.  We love shopping at stores like Kohl’s for updated items for our wardrobes.  Not only do they have quality and great sales, they also offer regular coupons and special deals that can save literally thousands of dollars on your wardrobe purchases.  If new pieces are a must buy, this is the only way to shop.  Never pay full price.

Shop the mens department.  One thing I have learned about shopping on a budget is to think outside the box. For things like sweaters, cardigans and even simply dress shirts to go under sweaters the mens department is often the best place to go.  Not only will you have different choices, you will find better prices.  Not everything will work, but sometimes the best deals are found in the mens department on chunky Nordic themed sweaters that go perfect with your favorite jeans and boots.

This year updating your winter wardrobe on a budget doesn’t have to be stressful.  You can easily check out the latest winter trends and use our winter wardrobe ideas to create a fun and unique look that will rival the fashion magazines.  Play around with textures and colors until you find ones that both flatter your body type and stretch your budget.  Remember that fashion is a personal thing and your choices should be unique to you and your personality!

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