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Unbelievably Easy DIY Chokers You Can Make At Any Age

Unbelievably Easy DIY Chokers You Can Make At Any Age

Okay, okay. So the last time I wore a choker was in the 1990's and and I twelve years old. Hah! And when I saw that they've come back as a seasonal trend and caught millennials and thirty-somethings sporting them, I figured, meh. Why not?! To be honest, chokers are not my thing. I've been traumatized from my choker experience in the 90's where my neck was so long and thin that a choker looked like a necklace. And now that I've filled out a little, I'm a little hesitant that a choker will even fit my neck. Oh boy!

But I wouldn't deprive you of this style watch trend at all! I know we all have our own unique sense of style – so if you can rock the choker, then choke away! *No pun intended. Here are some pretty cool chokers you can do yourself and they're perfectly acceptable for any age! I love them so much, I may just have to try them out. What do you think?

Trendy Chokers

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Gina Michele – Suede and Crystal Choker

How Did You Make This – Ribbon Woven Chain Choker

Craftaholics Anonymous – DIY Lace Choker

Dream a Little Bigger – DIY 90s Choker

Riva la Diva – Fenton Fallon Inspired Choker

Love Maegan – DIY Tassel Choker

Right Where I Left Off – DIY Layered Choker Necklaces

Darice – Braided Drop DIY Choker

A Beautiful Mess – Easy Leather Choker

DIY in PDX – DIY Bolo Wrap Choker Necklace

Style Me Samira – 3 Choker DIYs

High on DIY – DIY Leather and Gold Chain Balmain Choker Necklace

Crafting Wire – Handmade Stretchy Tattoo Choker

A Pair and a Spare DIY – DIY Velvet Choker

Wild Fire Charm – DIY Spring Chokers

Me and Mr. Jones – DIY Suede Wrap Choker

How Did You Make This – Convertible Charm Necklace Choker

Gina Michele – DIY Velvet and Pearl Choker

Darice – Chain DIY Choker