2015 Toyota Sienna REVEALED #SwaggerWagon

I’m excited to share that the all-new #SwaggerWagon, aka 2015 Toyota Sienna, was revealed today (July 17)! For a sneak preview of the new #SwaggerWagon, check this out:

2015 Toyota Sienna

During the week, keep an eye on Toyota’s social media channels (links below) and follow #SwaggerWagon to get additional sneak peeks of the Sienna:
· Toyota USA & Sienna Facebook
· @Toyota Twitter
· @toyotausa Instagram

And if you want a great laugh…
Today's dose of fun goes out to all my hip, trendy parents who drive minivans *AKA* Swagger Wagons! Haha! This awesome commercial video comes thanks to the makers of Toyota! Check this out…

*Photo provided by Toyota

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