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Toy Unboxing! Watch As We Smash The Zuru Smashers Series 2 – GROSS! Smashballs!

This is a paid post by Zuru Toys.

When Juliana heard that we were partnering with Zuru Toys on an unboxing for the Smashers Series 2 GROSS! balls, she was uber excited! She is all to familiar with the Smashers balls from Series 1 and she loves the Gross series! Unboxing is just as fun as Series 1 thanks to the new Smashball Eyeball! Will you be able to put it back together? YES!

Juliana wants to collect all the putrid characters from the Odd Bodies, Smash Trash, Rare Awful Animals, and Toilet Humor. There are also Ultra-Rare Ooze Dudes and other exclusive characters, along with one Glow in the Dark Smashers (only available in the 8-packs that we show here).

Will you find the Slime Surprise hiding inside the Smashball Eyeball? Every 8-pack has a chance of getting slimed and we got one!
Once all your ZURU Smashers Series 2 Gross balls are all smashed, you can rebuild it back together again!

Here’s how to see your Smashers Series 2 GROSS surprise:
1. Smash the ball and find all types of Gross characters from Baby Poo to Eye Sore! Try plunging your Gross Smashers into the toilet with our new Sludge Bus! Or, store your gruesome Smashers in the Puke Pizza Collector’s Tin!

2. See what character you got in your smashball and collect them all, including all the ultra rare ones!

3. Rebuild and Resmash! Can you rebuild the eyeball correctly?

You can buy the Smasher Series 2 – GROSS! by finding them at your local retailer or online using this link:

About Smashers Series 2 – Gross!
Smashers are the latest collectible toys from ZURU that kids are sure to love! The innovative Smashball puts the action right in your hands. What’s inside the new series of Smashers Smashballs? Just throw and smash your eyeball to reveal your surprise of 1 of over 100 gross characters inside! Rebuild and re-smash your Smashball anytime! Keep track of your entire collection with the free Collector’s Guide inside ever pack or download the Smashers app. The Smashers app allows you to play games, interact with your collection, and collect Smash Points to become the ultimate Smashers champion.

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