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My Top 3 Fave Gadgets for 2015

We all have our favorite gadgets for 2014, but what’s on the gadget agenda for 2015? I wanted to share with you what 3 gadgets I will be carrying around with me into the New Year. I did receive an ASUS Tablet to keep and review, but all opinions are my own.

#1. My Smart Phone

I simply cannot live without the basics of having a smart phone. When it comes to chatting, texting, taking pictures, and staying connected my smart phone meets all of those basic needs!

#2. My Desktop Computer

There are some things that only a desktop computer can do and that is why it is still one of my top gadgets for 2015! When it comes to editing, heavy blog work, or just getting projects done—my desktop computer is my go to.

ASUS Tablet 2

#3. ASUS Memo Pad 7

The ASUS Memo Pad 7 completes my need for gadgets this New Year. I can’t imagine myself needing to purchase anything else because the ASUS Memo Pad 7 truly helps me complete a multitude of daily functions. One of my favorite parts of the Memo Pad is that it’s so very stylish (if you follow my blog then you know I’m all about the style). Some would describe the design as being clutch-bag style inspired. Check out some of my top features of the ASUS Memo Pad 7.

ASUS Tablet

  • Camera-This is truly a new way to capture pictures. The quality of the ASUS Memo Pad’s camera will blow you away! You can also enjoy perks of the camera that include Time Rewind and Smart Move.
  • Performance- Obviously any gadget in today’s world has to have top performance and the ASUS Memo Pad does not disappoint. Between CPU, the quad-core processor, and the battery life, the ASUS Memo Pad 7 will take you far in the tech world.
  • This cleverly thin and lightweight 7-inch device punches well above its weight, boasting features commonly found on high-end tablets.

Wireless Connectivity–IEEE 802.11n

Type Android–4.2 Jelly Bean


Weight–0.6 lbs

Storage–16 GB

Tell me, what are your top 3 favorite gadgets for 2015?

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