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Happy New Year! in 2016, what are your New Year's resolutions, goals or plans? Maybe getting in shape to look and feel better? Or is it to spend more time with the family? Better yet, what about both of those tthings! Goji Play by Blue Goji, the creators of Guitar Hero have something that will help you achieve those goals!

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In my last post I introduced the Goji Play gadget that allows you to download interactive game apps which you can use to enhance you cardio workouts on your cardio machines. Ever since I've started using Goji Play, my workouts have been more frequent and more effective. Playing the games have given me the ability to stay on my mechanical stepper longer because it's become a more fun activity. Now that I have this device during my exercise, I feel like I have a goal I need to accomplish while I'm doing my cardio. We all know it's not easy getting on an exercise machine, I've struggled with the thought of walking, running and stepping on machine, staring into space for 60 minutes, 30 minutes, even just 15 minutes. Just like Goji Play says, the 30 minute workout does feel like 5 minutes, because you're not sitting and thinking about the time passing by.


My kids and I love our Goji Play device/toy/tech gadget. It's such an easy way to get my kids to stay active without them running all over the house and to keep them from watching videos all day long. Now, they would rather be on a treadmill rather than on the couch playing their “unhealthy” video games. So, if it brought my family together and has made us more active together, I'm positive it will do the same for many other families. It's such a simple set up and there are so many fun games to choose from that people both younger and older can enjoy Goji Play.

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Something exciting has come up with Blue Goji. Goji Madness – a tournament that could win you a major Grand Prize just by working out with Goji Play! What is this “Grand Prize” you say? A new car! Modeled after the NCAA basketball tournament, Goji Madness runs from January 1 – March 31, those who make it to the Elimination Rounds will have a chance to compete to make it to the Final Four, a live final round of competitions taking place in New York City where the winner can select the Grand Prize: Chevrolet Camaro, Mazda Miata or Subaru Outback!

Goji Madness is about having fun and staying active for users of all fitness levels and ages groups 18 and older. There are four main communities of users within the tournament – Active Central, BMI Camp (28 or higher), Seniors Rock (60 or older), and Veteran Honor to better create appropriate sets of incentivized activities.

Read below for more details on participation:

No Sweat, No Game for the Qualifying Round
As a gamified wellness platform, GojiVerse automatically rewards users with GoCoins – our “sweat” currency – when they complete certain Blue Goji activities, such as playing Goji Play games on cardio equipment, doing various exercises or activities with GojiGo, or meditating with our new GojiTate app (to be released in January, 2016). Unlike conventional freemium mobile games, our games will not ask users to make in-app purchases. Instead, our games and apps encourage users to earn and spend their “sweat” currency to unlock new game levels or to purchases new game items.

More importantly, GoCoins will get users into our ultimate rewards: the Madness Tournament! The top 64 contestants (16 from each Madness community) with the highest amounts of GoCoin earnedduring the Qualifying Round, from January 1 to March 31, will advance to the Elimination Rounds (see Tournament Details below).

What a way to keep your resolutions lasting beyond January!

Elimination Rounds: All Fun and Games
Once the brackets are set, each contestant will compete head-to-head against another contestant in five separate “battles” during each Elimination Round:
• Three sets of Goji Play/GojiTate sessions: each pair of contestants will compete in the same exact Goji Play or GojiTate sessions; for each session, contestants may battle for the high game score, total steps taken, or other biometric measures
• The total amounts of GoCoins earned during the Round
• The total numbers of friends, family and fans following the contestant
(by joining the contestant’s Madness Star)
The contestant with three or more battle wins will advance to the next Round.
The Final Four
The final four contestants will be invited to New York City – all expenses paid – as their Final Four rewards in Mid May! Again, they will compete in five sets of Goji Play/GojiTate sessions live during the Semi-final and the Final Rounds of the tournament.

Eligibility. The tournament is open to all US residents (and Veteran Honor personnel living overseas), 18 or older. No purchase of Goji Play is required. Anyone can participate by downloading our three main free apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play: GojiVerse, GojiGo, and GojiTate.
Duration. Goji Madness tournament will run from January 1 to May 14, 2016.
Entry Deadline. Contestants may enter any time following the New Year.
How to Enter. Simply join one of the four Goji Madness communities – Active Central, BMI Camp (28 or higher), Seniors Rock (60 or older), and Veteran Honor – inside the GojiVerse app.
Verification. Blue Goji must verify each contestant’s identity and group qualification before he or she is officially awarded one of the 64 brackets.
Ts & Cs. All entrants will be required to accept the Ts & Cs, which will include PR, name & likeness release, when they join one of the Madness Communities.
GoCoins. Contestants earn GoCoins by doing certain Blue Goji incentivized activities. One (1) GoCoin is earned for: One (1) minute of exercise on Goji Play, One (1) of GojiTate (when available), or two (2) minutes of incentivized activities using GojiGo. Contestants can earn up to a maximum of 60 GoCoins per day. This will ensure a measure of parity in the tournament regardless of fitness level – this is a fun wellness competition.
Qualifying Round. The top 16 GoCoin earners in each of the four Madness Communities will advance to the Round of 64. Each contestant’s total amount of GoCoins earned during the Qualifying Round is calculated based on their top 30 days of GoCoins earned. Contestants can earn up to 60 GoCoins per day.
Tiebreakers. In the event of ties at the end of the Qualifying Round, the following tie-breakers will be applied in this order: 1) the total GoCoins earned using Goji Play during the Qualifying Round; 2) the total Goji Play time recorded during the Qualifying Round; and 3) the total Goji Play activity and GojiTate session time recorded during the Qualifying Round.
Round of 64 – Round of 8. 2 contestants will compete head-to-head in a series of five battles: 3 sets of Goji Play/GojiTate sessions, the total amounts of GoCoins earned during the Round, and the numbers of friends, family and fans following each contestant. Video clips of users’ Goji Play and GojiTate battle sessions may be used for promotional activities.
Semi Finals and Finals. The Semi Finals and Finals will take place on May 13 and 14, 2016, in New York City. Similar to the earlier rounds, each pair of contestants in both Semi-final and Final Rounds will compete head-to-head in a series of five battles at the venue (TBD), including live Goji Play and GojiTate sessions in front of many spectators.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Blue Goji. All opinions are my own.

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