The 2013 AWD Mitsubishi Lancer SE – A Fun Drive!


The first think I noticed about the 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer is the body style. I was attracted to it's boxy, yet sleek and modernized look. It sits low so it has a sporty look and I especially liked the way the front end is designed, described by most as a “shark snout” look. The body style is distinctive from other compact sedans in its class. I really loved the color we got – a beautiful, shiny rally red. Although there really isn't any new face lifts done to this years Lancer, I still think its a great look from front to back – lights, wheels, frame and all!


As far as the interior goes, it was comfortable and roomy, both in the front driver and passenger side and the back row. The style is simple and clean with leather and quality fabric for the upholstery.  The layout was well designed with a sleek face. The style of the Mitsubishi Lancer overall, I would describe as fun and trendy, good for someone who just needs the basic controls, but still wants to drive a sedan with style. I recommend it for any individual that doesn't want anything to luxurious or a smaller family in need of a 5 seater.



The drive was great in this compact 4wd sedan – very enjoyable and relaxing. My husband and I both had a chance to drive it and we both said the same thing – the car has a kick! The performance really stood out to us more than anything, especially driving on the freeway. The speed, acceleration and handling made the vehicle very fun to drive, which gave us confidence even on unfamiliar roads. Whether in the open freeway, or busy streets, we were able to drive with ease because of it's accurate response to our driving.



The 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer SE is at 22 mpg city and 29 mpg on the highway with a 2.4L engine in the SE model. Some of the safety features included are 4-wheel ABS, front and back airbags, front- side airbags, and other safety necessities. The trunk space is also a plus, we had plenty of room for storage during our travel without having to use the back row. Other features include heated leather seating, although we didn't use it, it's nice to have along with a wide sunroof.

I would consider this car for  if I were to purchase in the future. From the look to the performance, you get a pretty good product without spending too much. The engine is strong and the exterior/interior is designed with quality. A safe, fun and sporty compact sedan.

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