Why You Should Stockpile to Save

Does your family stockpile? Stockpiling is one of the single most effective ways to save money that a family can do and it is something that ANY family can do. No, I don’t mean hoarding items. There is a distinctive difference between the two and we will discuss that in a later post. What I do mean though is stocking up on items that your family uses when they’re on sale, in a reasonable and logical manner. For this post, I want to talk about why you should stockpile. Next week, we’ll talk more about how to get started stockpiling without losing your mind.

jars of tomato sauce on the shelf in an organic shop

Stocking up is one of those things that you either do or don’t do. There isn’t really a half-way on it. You’ve either got 5 loaves of bread in the freezer or you have 1 loaf on the counter. You’re either well stocked on laundry detergent or you’ve only got enough for 2 loads left. Let’s assume that you’re in the latter position…you’ve only got a couple days of food left, you’re running out of cleaning supplies and the poor dog has been licking the crumbs off of the bottom of his bowl for over a day now. What happens? You realize how low on everything you are, you make your list, maybe grab a coupon or three and head to the store. Since you’re in a position where you must buy the items on your list, you don’t have any other option but to pay the prices as they are that day. If an item is on sale, great! You just got lucky. If not? Well, you still have to buy it, so you’ll spend the money on whatever item it is. You grab your stuff at the store, check out, head to the car and almost pass out when you finally peer with one eye open at the receipt. Sound familiar? Sure does to me.

Now, let’s assume you’re on the other side of the coin. You’ve got 3 loaves of bread, 3 bottles of detergent and Fido is rolling in Gravy Train. You sit down and take a look at the sale ads and realize that none of the items that you need are on sale or are a good deal this week. That’s okay…you’re stocked up a bit so you can afford to wait.

By waiting, by not having to rush out to the store to pick up a much needed item, you will save yourself money. Let’s say that your stocking up saves you $10.00 per week (just as an example). That is $40.00 per month and $480.00 per year! What could YOU do with an extra $480.00 per year? I can think of quite a bit that I could use it for and I also know that I save MUCH more than $10/week by stocking up!

If you’re not stockpiling already, it may be time to start! If your budget needs a bit more wiggle room, stay tuned because next week, we’ll learn how to get started easily and without going broke. I plan on talking about stockpiling a lot for the month of June so sit back, grab the coffee and (hopefully), you’ll learn a thing or two.

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