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Are you familiar with the signs of dehydration? Most of us are not, because many of the symptoms we feel, don’t seem to be related to dehydration. Did you know that if you have dry skin, allergies, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, are fatigue, have trouble focusing, constipated – you may not be getting enough liquids? Although we know drinking lots of water is good for our health, sometimes we want something with flavor. Unfortunately, a drink with flavor, usually isn’t the drink with the nutrients our bodies need. With cold and flu season sneaking up on us, staying hydrated is one of the best ways to help our body prepare. What do you do to keep hydrated?

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Well, my family and I have just discovered an amazing drink that fixes this dilemma. We typically purchase drinks based on taste or for nutritional benefits, never really both at the same time, because you have those sports drinks that come in all types of great flavors, but only keep you hydrated for a moment, and you have those drinks that promise to give you energy, but taste so strong and are packed with so many unhealthy chemicals and sugar. It’s hard to find something that has the right balance of both flavor and health benefits to give us what we want and need.

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This new hydrating powder, DripDrop, is exactly what everyone in the house needs. The great tasting and healthy DripDrop hydration powder is based on World Health Organization’s formula for Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS) – sodium, sugars, and electrolytes. So, if your one that needs more energy to be active, or someone that needs to stay focused for a long day at the office, DripDrop has the ability to keep you hydrated for longer hours so that you can perform at your full potential. And, because the ingredients are safe and effective, you children can drink it too. It’s great that my kids love the taste of something that is medical grade!

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DripDrop comes in two amazing flavors – lemon flavor and berry flavor. The taste is refreshing, not too sweet, but definitely enjoyable. This is a drink you can have without feeling guilty. I have literally felt the difference in my energy level too! Until now, my option was really only to drink tons of water, otherwise I would feel fatigue midday. Now, I bring my DripDrop to go and I stayed refreshed much longer with less effort.

Drip Drop Drink

So, next time you’re making a run to your local HEB, Walgreens or CVS, make sure to ask about DripDrop. It’s easy to mix and perfect when you’re on the go. Give it a try and I am positive this will be your new favorite drink!

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/DripDrop. All opinions are my own.

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