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How To Start Your Stockpile (Without Losing Your Mind)

How To Start Your Stockpile (Without Losing Your Mind) - Simple tips to help you build a stockpile that your family can rely on without stress and confusion

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Welcome back! Last week we talked about why you should start a stockpile. Did you take a look at that post? If not, I encourage you to do so! This week, I want to talk about how to get started building a stockpile easily. Stockpiling can be stressful if you don’t have a clue what you’re doing, but it doesn’t have to be. Hopefully, these tips will help you get started without wanting to bang your head against the wall.


Make Your List – Before you ever buy your first items for your stockpile, sit down with pen and paper. You’ll want to really think about the items that your family uses on a daily basis like toilet paper, laundry soap and paper towels. Be sure to include foods and drinks too.

Check the deals – Once you have the list of items that you’ll need, grab your sales ads and any coupons you have and start planning your trip. Make sure to reference back to the list you made and try not to buy anything that isn’t on it unless you have to. Be sure to check the coupons you have with the sales that you’re seeing too so you can get the best prices possible. If something is on your list, but isn’t on sale, hold off for a week or two to see if it goes on sale.

Once you have all of the deals you want figured out and a shopping list made, you’re ready to go!

Head to the store – Head to the store with your list and any coupons you might need. Here’s the kicker. I only want you to take CASH and I only want you to take a specific amount. That amount will be different for everyone, but you’ll know when you get there. At the store, grab the items on your list.

However, instead of just buying 1 of each item, you’re going to buy at least 2 of each. So if you normally buy (1) bottle of laundry soap, this time, buy 2. If you normally buy (3) cans of green beans, this time you’ll buy (6).  You’re going to do this with every item on your list. (This is where coupons can really come in handy.)

There is a reason behind this. If you buy (6) cans now, when they’re on sale for .40¢ (example), you won’t have to spend the money when they are not on sale and jump up to 95¢ per can. You’ll have those (3) and you can hopefully hold on buying any until the next sale. I want you to really stop and think about that. The example I just used would only save $1.65 on 3 items right?

Apply that to every single item that is on your list from step 1. Comes out to a lot more than $1.65 in savings doesn’t it?

Rinse and Repeat- The very last step is to simply rinse and repeat. Each time you shop you’re going to do the same steps. Once you’ve been going for a while, you’ll notice certain items that your family uses more than others. You can then focus on getting those items built up and lessening how often you buy others. I promise though, use this post as your guide and soon, you’ll have a great stockpile that can whether a storm, loss of job, or just hungry kids. 😉


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