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Squeeze More Out Of Hellmann’s

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Hellmann’s/Best Foods is excited to introduce you to their new and “friendly” squeeze bottle that lets you get more mayo for your money. You can now enjoy the great taste of mayo, minus the mess and clean up. So, not only are you getting the same delicious product you have loved throughout the years, you're also getting a new experience using it on your sandwich or whatever type of food you like to have your Hellmann's Mayonnaise on!

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How will this new squeeze bottle benefit you? Well, for one, this new Hellmann's bottle was designed so you don't have to waste any of your delicious mayo. For something this good, you want to make sure you get as much as you can, the bottle will assist you with that! With the upside down bottle design, the shaking and scooping part of the process is no longer necessary. Less effort, more mayo.

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Also, food is a lot more enjoyable when preparation is neat and simple. With the clean lock cap, the work of creating your masterpiece sandwhich is easy, with less mess. Just flip the lid open to use, squeeze, and flip the lid to close. As a matter of fact, it's so neat, you can even say “Hi” with it. What will your mayo message be?

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One of the issues I use to have with my old bottle was that I wasn't able to apply the right mayo evenly on my sandwich, but now it's simple! The tip of the bottle is precisely angled to easily squeeze out the mayo without getting too much or too little – so you don't miss a spot. Just apply as much as you want and enjoy.

So what's next? Get your new Hellmann's/Best Foods squeeze bottle on your next trip to WalMart and #squeezemoreout. We all know mayo goes well with practically everything. What do you use it on? Feel free to share you experience with the new squeeze bottle and share your message via social media. We would love to see your posts!

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Visit the Hellmann’s Best Foods at Walmart site to create a fun note in mayo and add a touch of richness to someone’s day. Share it with friends or loved ones and get a $0.75 off coupon.

This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox on behalf of Hellmann's/Best Foods. All opinions are my own.

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