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Set Their Paths Straight…

My husband scolded our 3-year old (Juliana) today from a horrible tantrum, and she ran to her room crying. Soon after, my 4-year old (Jude) followed her and was softly whispering to her behind closed doors. They both came out with Jude walking behind her and his hands on her shoulders. Jude says “Dad, Ana has something to say.” Then Juliana calmly speaks up and says “Sorry Daddy. I love you!” And gives her daddy a big hug and kiss.

Our home and our lives are not perfect. We have shown our children God's love, forgiveness, and humility. This was the perfect example of how hubby and I resolve issues behind closed doors. Remember that your children are always observing, listening, and mimicking those they look up to. Set their paths straight, and when they are older, they will not leave it.