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*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Hallmark Cards, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Oh, the holiday season! Filled with gifts, beautiful wrapping, and the most important – CARDS! As with any special event, season, or occasion – greeting cards are a great way to show that special person in your life how much you value them! I can honestly say that the most impactful gift I have ever received was a Hallmark Card. There's something special, warm, and fuzzy that Hallmark Cards make you feel. There's a sense of appreciation, love, and thoughtfulness put into each and every Hallmark Card and when you receive one, you know that you're something very special to them!

I've saved every Hallmark Card my husband has gotten for me on every single occasion worth documenting in my life. Hallmark Cards bring out those heartfelt emotions and feelings in you, and tears were indeed shed from reading them. My husband used to tell me that the words on the card were carefully selected to reflect EXACTLY how he feels, and it could only be found in a Hallmark Card. When was the last time you received a Hallmark Card? What did it say? How did it make you feel?

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Hallmark Cards knows that there will be MANY memorable moments to celebrate with a greeting card. And now, you can get rewarded everywhere you buy Hallmark Cards, at more than 30,000 grocery and drug stores and supercenters across the U.S. with the Hallmark Card Rewards! You can earn 1 reward for every 5 Hallmark cards purchased. Rewards include gift cards, discounts, dollars off, and more from rewards partners that can help you enjoy more together time or even a little “me” time. Download the Hallmark Card Rewards mobile app (Android and iPhone), to easily scan the barcode on the back of your purchased Hallmark cards and register your rewards for your account. Register today for Hallmark Card Rewards and get started! Be sure to leave a comment letting us know if you were able to register!

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