Purple Eyeshadow For Any Eye Color

purple eye shadow

I love color. At the same time, I tend to shy away from it–at least in my make-up. I have always been intimidated by bright, vibrant colors.

Well, I decided this summer was going to be my summer of color! Boom! I also decided I was NOT going to look like a hooker while doing it. Don’t lie; you have seen that person with purple eyeshadow and your jaw dropped in unadulterated HORROR for that poor lady! I did a bundle of research on how to rock purple eyeshadow, and I finally perfected my look. I, of course, couldn’t wait to share it with y’all.

1: Use a light colored base from brow to eyelash line.

2: Apply purple shadow on your eyelid only. I used a creme shadow for better coverage.

3: Pick out a medium brown color for your accent. Apply (the brown color) to the outer flank of the eyelid.

4: Line your eyes with a dark brown or black eyeliner.

5: Use a dark brown eyeshadow to sweep the eyeliner and shadow together to create a cat eye appearance.

6: Apply mascara!

I am really happy with the results I have achieved! I love that the subtle purple makes my eyes POP! I also love that I can apply another layer of the creme eyeshadow to give it a brighter, more night-life style.

Tell Me: What is your favorite purple eyeshadow?

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