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Product Pick of The Week: Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo

When I completed the Suave Hair Challenge videos, I was still quite skeptical on whether they really looked, felt, and smelled as pleasant as the Salon brands.  So when I received my Suave Professionals Sample Kit, I tried the Dry Shampoo and am totally SOLD! Prior to that, I had used an old-fashioned trick I learned from magazines to rub baby powder in my roots to give my hair that fresh, clean look in-between shampoos (let's face it, washing your hair everyday is overrated).  The Suave Dry Shampoo leaves my hair soft, shiny, fresh looking AND the fragrance is very pleasant!

The price wasn't half bad either! After stacking my $.50 off Suave Hair Product Target Store Coupon along with my $1.00 off 2-Suave Hair Products Manufacturer coupon during Target's sale the Dry Shampoo was only $1.42!

*These opinions are strictly my own and were used to evaluate the experience on Suave Professionals.

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