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Preparing the Perfect Romantic Candlelit Dinner Date Night in for Two

With George and I celebrating our NINE year wedding anniversary next week – yup, you hear that right…nine years! I wanted to something simple and special but uber romantic for him this year. When was the last time you and your husband or wife had a romantic date night? Go ahead and think about it for a minute.  That long ago huh?  With the incredibly busy lives we all lead, it almost seems impossible to have those important moments and one on one time with the one we love.  It is easy to forget to focus on nurturing your own relationship when you are busy worried about kids, work, juggling schedules and everything in between.  

Let’s be real here, it is not even just the stuff mentioned above, scheduling a date night out is exhausting in itself.  It not just about hopping in the car and driving to a restaurant anymore.  You have to first, find a day that isn’t filled with late meetings, PTA, kids practices or games and then you have to hire a sitter!  It’s just too much to do to make it something that you do often.  But what if I said you and your spouse could have date nights all the time?  How would you feel about that?  

Believe it or not, you can make a regular date night happen.  All you need to do is prepare a day and time for the two of you to have the perfect romantic candlelit dinner night in and follow a couple of simple steps to make it happen.  Here is how it is done:

Once your dinner is over, you can easily work together to clean up your dinner mess.  Besides, there is something romantic about doing chores together.  For your dishes though, just be sure you are using Cascade Platinum in your dishwasher so that your cleanup consists of just loading the dishwasher and you don’t have to pre-wash (hello timesaver!).  This is my favorite dishwashing detergent because it comes with 3x the grease fighting power and a rinse aid and works great.  If you don’t already have it on hand, print out a coupon for it here.

If you haven’t used Cascade Platinum before, head on over here and read these reviews (if you have used it, be sure to add your own review while you are there).