Our 9 and 10 Year Old’s Experiences Transitioning Into Invisalign® First Aligners

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When I was a teenager, I remember wearing wire braces and having limitations in playing actively in sports, because of all the wires in my mouth.

Now that I have children of my own who are an even more active and a rambunctious bunch, I needed the most advanced clear aligner system in the world that keeps my children’s activities and hobbies in mind.

Thanks to Invisalign® clear aligners, my children are able to transform their smiles without compromising their lives. And summer was the perfect time for us to explore Invisalign treatment since the kids were out of school.

Both Jude and Juliana are active year-round with Taekwondo and basketball. They also enjoy hobbies like playing the ukulele and the piano. We shared these activities and hobbies with Dr. Truman, and he explained that our children’s lifestyle and hygiene routines of brushing and flossing won’t be interrupted since the aligners are removable! And they can keep enjoying their extracurricular activities (and their favorite foods) without orthodontic appliances holding them back. And with Invisalign treatment, we won’t have emergency appointments that are associated with metal braces, such as broken wires and brackets.

After we wrapped up our initial consultation and learned that both Jude and Juliana are eligible for Invisalign First aligners, Truman Orthodontics ordered both of their Invisalign aligners which took a few weeks to arrive.

The kids were excitedly waiting for the arrival of their Invisalign aligners, it’s all they talked about for weeks! And when we finally got the call that their Invisalign aligners were ready, the kids heard me scheduling their appointment and were jumping for joy in the background!

When we picked up their Invisalign aligners, it was a structured process. We didn’t just show up, pick them up and leave! Truman Orthodontics took the time to get their teeth ready for the Invisalign aligners and to explain everything to the kids each step along the way.

To start, they installed attachments that aid in helping their aligners apply the right amount of force in the right direction. Then they put their Invisalign aligners on for them and then taught them how to remove and put on their aligners. Each child tried them on and took them off themselves. Dr. Truman then inspected everything to make sure all looked good. And once they were done, they watched a how-to video on life with Invisalign treatment. Afterward, Jude and Juliana’s pouches of future aligners were numbered and dated for them, so they knew when to change out their aligners on time. We ended our appointment with scheduling their follow-up appointment.

It’s been a month since they’ve begun using their Invisalign aligners, and they’ve been happy with it and the conveniences it has brought — from eating meals to brushing their teeth, and with all of their sports (martial arts and basketball). They’re thrilled that Invisalign will give them a more beautiful smile in the near future.

They change out their aligners weekly (every Wednesday, to be exact), and are so responsible and on top of their Invisalign aligners and cases. Their teeth are noticeably moving in just the short of time they’ve been wearing their Invisalign aligners, as well!

I’m glad we got started on the Invisalign treatment process early in the summer! It’s given the children an extra few months to get their smile transformations in order before school starts! Jude’s entering middle school this year, so his elective and sports plans were already in place before he even finished fifth grade. Plus, Invisalign clear aligners are confidence-boosters since they’re virtually invisible while they’re on and helps both my son and daughter feel and look their best.

The cost of Invisalign treatment is often comparable to braces, and costs are determined by your doctor. You should talk to your son or daughter’s orthodontist about the breakdown of the cost, since it will be determined by a few factors; the complexity of your son or daughter’s case, the length of treatment, where you live and your insurance coverage.

Many dental insurance plans cover Invisalign treatment just as they would other orthodontic treatments, and often times they will cover up to $3,500 (or roughly 50%) of the cost. And ask about the doctor’s payment plan options — we did payment plans for my and George’s Invisalign treatment. Many offer a variety of payment plans and will break down the remaining cost after insurance and FSA into monthly payments.

If you are a mom or dad considering for your tweens or teens who are involved in school activities, sports, traveling and eating, it’s a great option for better smiles! The Invisalign® system is the most advanced clear aligner system in the world. And Invisalign clear aligners work! With over 20 years of innovation and 6 million+ smiles, Invisalign treatments have been able to treat simple to complex orthodontic cases.

Learn more about our initial Invisalign consultation experience and see what it was like to assess whether our children were the right candidates for Invisalign treatment. And take the to see if you or your children are candidates for Invisalign treatment too!

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