This One Simple Trick Gives Me The Motivation To Workout That You Can Try Now

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After losing fifteen pounds and making the lifestyle changes I needed to keep the weight off, there was one good habit I needed to tackle that I couldn't quite get it together. The psychology of why I don't workout baffles me. I have the resources (gym membership) and the time, yet every week I manage to make excuses until weeks have passed and I've officially gone off the rail. What's up with that?!

I knew I had to find a way, I can't keep doing this to myself. Exercise is such an important part of living a healthy lifestyle for everyone. And working from home and being stagnant and sedentary makes it even more important to be physically active.

I signed up for Hot Pilates and Hot Yoga classes and I've got to be honest – I was intimidated by the sea of extremely fit and attractive members who can downward dog and plank like no other. It was definitely inspiring to see their consistency and fit figures all toned-up and lean. WOW!

And want to know something mind blowing?! Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates actually work for me in losing inches, pounds, and giving me a lean physique. It's challenging and fulfilling because if you stick to it, you will definitely see results!

But that isn't the one trick that gave me motivation. You want to know what gave me motivation?

My workout outfit.

Confused? Don't be, because psychologically, motivation stems from the confidence and will power telling you that you can do it. And the way you look sweating in a cute outfit is more than enough motivation for me. When fitness becomes your lifestyle, you should be investing in that lifestyle and looking your best so that you can feel your best!

If any of you were like me when I first started working out, I found myself confused and frustrated with which sports bras, athletic shoes, workout pants and workout tops were right for me. The fashion is equally important to the functionality of your workout outfit. Choose your outfits wisely and make it count!

Here are the three things you need when you workout to do Hot Pilates or Hot Yoga

Why they’re important: When you’re active, chest protection in important! Sport bras give your breasts that extra protection and comfort through all your twists, turns, jumps and runs. They keep in place and prevent soreness and future sagging, because the less movement in your breasts during a workout, the less likely your skin and Cooper’s ligaments (these are ligaments near the breast that give your breasts the firmness, size and shape) from breaking down. Once you stretch out those Cooper’s ligaments, they’ll sag and do not bounce back again.

The right type of sport bra to use for yoga and hot pilates is the medium-impact sport bra.

Medium-impact sport bras are offer more medium support, restricting medium impact type movement. This is ideal for low to medium impact activities such as light jogging, strength training, and yoga.

When it comes to selecting the right sport bra, there are a few factors to consider. Straps should also be an important factor to consider when researching the best type of support for you. The thinner the straps, the less support. Spaghetti straps are great for bra tanks (shimmels) with low impact activities and racer-back straps will offer you more support — the wider the straps the more support for your breasts and back. Don’t forget to consider sports bras that offer material that will keep you dry as well. As much as I love sweating from a good workout, I hate the icky feeling of soaking wet clothes and bras.

I love, love, LOVE my new Vanity Fair Lingerie Sport Bra! It offers all of the “Do's” I look for when it comes to comfort, functionality and style with my sports bra selections.

Through extensive research, Vanity Fair Lingerie developed a medium impact sport bra that combines the support and separation of a traditional bra with sport technology benefits. The separation and support Vanity Fair’s Sport Bra offers allows women to keep their natural shape while getting fit.

Workout and fitness pants are made to keep you feeling comfortable and are functional to your workout movements for your lower body. Depending on your workout routine, workout pants will not only allow you to perform comfortably, it will also allow you to perform at your best – not to mention they make you look good! There are tons of style, colors, fit and brands to choose from — it’s more a matter of your own unique style and the type of workout you plan to accomplish.

The right type of workout bottoms to use for yoga and hot pilates are yoga tights or yoga leggings.
There has been much debate between the yoga pants and yoga leggings. Yoga pants flare at the bottoms and oftentimes have a top that folds over. Leggings are usually made of a thinner material, and are tight all the way to the ankle. Leggings can also have a top that folds over depending on the brand. Although yoga pants are used primarily for yoga, you can still use them for a variety of workouts. Again, it’s all about your level of comfort. I use yoga leggings because of the thinner material and makes it much more comfortable in hot pilates or hot yoga climates.

Headbands keep your hair away from your eyes so you can stay focused on your yoga or pilates movements! They can keep sweat off your face, keep you cooler, and are stylish fitness pieces. Headbands are “one-size fits all” and come in a variety of different colors, widths, materials and styles depending on your style. Ideal for short hair or long hair when you’re strength training, during yoga or during pilates/aerobics workouts.

For those with long hair – I suggest using hair ties with your headbands as they are great for pulling your hair back into a ponytail, bun or poofy bun. Hair ties protect hair from damage and from getting tangled.

My hope is that you find some style inspiration in the midst of your hot pilates and hot yoga workout. It can get hot and humid in that room, and that means you'll get super sweaty! Why not look stylish and sweaty?

We’d love to see photos of your workout outfits! Tag @ShopVanityFair using #MyBestFit to show off your Vanity Fair Sport Bra!

This post is sponsored by Vanity Fair Lingerie.


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