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One Piece Swimsuit Trends

Summer is in the air! Can you smell it? The strong chlorine wafting from the pool, the salty water mingling with the warm breeze and if you live in Colorado like me- the dry heat mixed with dry wind…h.o.t.! Summer officially begins June 21st!! I can't believe it's the changing of the seasons already! Well, today I want to talk about swimsuits. Moreover, I want to go over Summer 2014 One Piece Swimsuit Trends.

When you think of one piece swimsuits, do you envision swim dresses with bright purple and blue designs? The kind your grandma wore? I know that is what I think of…thank goodness that is NOT this season's stylings! The one piece swimsuits this year are an intermingling of sexy meets modest which is totally ideal for women who are no longer rockin' the body of their former teenage selves!

Color blocking has taken the fashion industry by storm, and swimwear is no exception. Quite a few of this year's one pieces are color blocked for slimming silhouettes (yes, please!). There are also drastic striped color blocks. My favorites are black and white stripes, because, well, I am just a classic girl like that. This season's hottest swimwear colors are black, white, blues, reds and pinks.

Prints are also hot this summer! A lot of the prints I am seeing this year are in neons and brights (which I love!). Keep an eye out for palm leaf, aztec, snack skin and some Art Deco style prints.

This year's one piece swimsuits come in so many styles my mind is swimming (haha, I'm punny). Here are a few of my Favorites!

Retro: Pin Up meets 2014, lots of red, white and blues, adorned with buttons. Wonderful for the full figured women.

One Shoulder: When I look at the one shoulder swimsuits, I think mom just got her hot back. These suits are definitely more confining (no chance of boob escapage) while being subtly sexy.

High Neck: This style is a little more tricky due to the weird tan lines they can leave. I prefer the style with a necklace style neckline. They are absolutely gorgeous, though, and perfect for the fashionistas!

Bandini: Looking for a fabulous life to beach bathing suit? This is it. The top of this suit looks like a flowy tube top, but take off your shorts and BAM swim suit! Slimming, sexy and functional… what more could a girl ask for?!

Cross Back: The cross back swimsuits show a lot of skin, they are generally pretty low sitting, but they are stunning when worn on the right body type (as in, your back is your best feature). Be careful of funky tan lines though.

Strapless: I love strapless swimsuits. They are probably my favorite; they rock for tan lines. My favorite so far this year has had a crochet overlay, which looks a little more like a swim dress without looking like my grandma. Watch out for escaping boobs though.

I want to know: What are your favorite style and prints this year?!

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    June 20, 2014 at 5:47 PM

    The retro swimsuits are really cute! I ended up with a cute colorblocked tankini!

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