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Oikos Greek Yogurt and belVita Breakfast Biscuits #MorningWin

I have partnered with belVita and Dannon to help promote the belVita and Dannon partnership . I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program, which includes writing about the promotion and product . However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

I like to start my morning right by getting up and doing deep stretches, then making sure I’m fresh and clean for the day before heading downstairs for my morning breakfast. Your mornings are what sets the path for how the rest of your day will go, and the last thing you want to do is create a chaotic and negative morning start. Doing deep stretches, breathing exercises, and reflecting on all your blessings and what you are grateful for are great ways to get off the ground running in the morning. And if you love to write things down, consider using a journal to write down all those blessings and positive reflections in your life. It’s also a great way to document your memoir in life. Then head to the kitchen and fuel up your body to get you moving into motion! Your body runs just like a car – it needs fuel to move! Want something healthy and delicious to fuel up? Grab an Oikos Greek Yogurt and belVita Breakfast Biscuits!

Oikos belVita

Are you looking for ways to get the best morning and the most out of it? Well with the new partnership of Crunchy belVita Breakfast Biscuits and Dannon® Oikos®* Greek Nonfat Yogurt, a quick and convenient breakfast addition can now be delicious too. You get to enjoy 12 grams of protein and a nice steady nutritious steady energy from belVita.

Laura Stack has come up with some amazing pointers. First one being get a head start. I am not talking about waking up early. I am talking about getting it all ready before you head to bed. It will just leave you feeling good going to sleep with most of the work done. You can wake up and enjoy the morning without having the need to rush around or perhaps forget something. Another great pointer is to take a few minutes to create a to do list for the next day. With this to do list already done. You can look ahead and know what you have planned without the stress. You’ll be one step ahead and be less stressed thinking about what to do next and will have more “me” or even family time. Last but not least, start your morning with a great breakfast that will keep your energy and spirits high. With 12 grams of protein from belVita and Dannon Oikos Greek nonfat yogurt will have you in a nice get up and take this morning on attitude.

Want to know more?

Dannon Oikos is made with a traditional Greek straining process that not only provides exceptional taste but also a creamy-thick consistency to satisfy your taste buds. It’s also an excellent source of protein, as it contains twice the amount of protein compared to regular lowfat yogurt.** Plus, with 0% fat, active yogurt cultures, and 80 to 130 calories per 5.3 oz depending on the flavor, Dannon Oikos Nonfat yogurt is a great way to begin the day. belVita Breakfast Biscuits are made with delicious ingredients and carefully baked to give you steady energy all morning. Crunchy belVita Breakfast Biscuits are available in five flavors – Blueberry, Golden Oat, Cinnamon Brown Sugar, Chocolate and Apple Cinnamon – and are carefully baked to provide nutritious steady energy all morning long.

I recommend trying my favorite combination – the vanilla flavored Oikos Greek Yogurt along with the Cinnamon Brown Sugar belVita Breakfast Biscuits! They taste absolutely delish! Make your morning a #MorningWin



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