Oh The Nostalgia! The BH90210 Gang Is Coming Back!

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If you grew up in the 90's and loved the original BH90210, then look out friends, the gang is back!

The original BH90210 was a cultural phenomenon for an entire generation, am I right?! I recall vividly exactly what I was doing and where I was during each episode of BH90210.

I was in high school in Sugar Land, Texas, living with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. My cousin Carlene and I are the same age, and every week, we would gather in my aunt and uncle's master bedroom and lay out on their floor in front of the television.

We were teenagers that dealt with teenager things – high school crushes, high school drama, and all the while trying to figure out who we were and what our purposes were in life.

BH90210 was there for us when we needed it. Their stories were relatable, they totally understood us, and we understood them. My favorite character was David Silver (Brian Austin Green) because I loved his dance moves (I love a guy who can dance), and I had the biggest crush on him!

Their friendships and fights hit close to home for us while we were in high school, dealing with the ups and downs of emotions. From women's health issues (I remember the episode with Brenda Walsh's breast cancer scare) to crushing on the bad boy, they knew exactly what we were going through as teens.

We grew up together with the gang of BH90210. They were our friends, and as the cast of the original ground breaking teen drama returns to FOX this summer, the excitement has been brewing the last couple of months. As fans like myself eagerly await to see what will happen when first loves, old romances, friends and frenemies come back together – IRL!

I remember living through finals, my first kiss, my first boyfriend, and realizing what being in the friend zone was like. I remember scrunchies, wide leg jeans, braces and Chemistry class. I remember wishing I could live in the west coast because life seemed so much more amazing and the weather seemed perfect compared to Texas weather. Ah, the memories have come flooding back like a running faucet.

BH90210 was my escape from real life high school drama only to live through television high school drama, and I loved every single episode! Those were the days when we made sure our homework and studying was done, right after dinner and the dishes were put away only to focus on one thing – the newest episode of BH90210.

And back in the days, we didn’t have DVR or other streaming platforms (although, we could record it on our VCR – millennials, feel free to Google what a VCR is!).

I'm excited to bring the nostalgia back, and now, they're sharing stories of life in our current day and age (which I can appreciate).

The first episode is on August 7, 2019 on FOX at 9/8c

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