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ICYMI: Daisy’s Diary Part II for September 10, 2018

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My physician gave me the green light to go on the #Keto diet and she highly recommended I stick ONLY to @dave.asprey’s @bulletproof method (apparently not all Keto diet guides are created the same, especially for those like me who have high cholesterol and/or hypertension, she cautioned me on the advice I’m receiving anywhere else). ⠀⠀

Ordered all his books on @amazon, including his most recent book “Head Strong”. Already started reading Head Strong and it is such an eye opener!!! I’ve got about 86 pages left and I’m now on Part III on the how-to of the two week Head Strong Program. ⠀⠀

My goal is to finish reading both of the books by Thursday so I can start applying and implementing what I’ve learned by the end of this week (including the recipes). And of course, sharing all of my updates and experiences on my blog and YouTube channel. ⠀⠀

Determined to live a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life! #TheItMom #ketogenicdiet #ketofam #ketofood #ketolife #ketones #ketorecipes #ketogeniclifestyle #ketogenicliving

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