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My 3 Easy Tips To Travel with Fashion and Functionality

Are you looking to add a little style to your fall fashion wardrobe? It's so much easier than you think! I wanted to share my easy tips to travel with fashion and functionality. After all, being a modern mom can be challenging when we’re so busy all of the time.

My 3 Easy Tips To Modern Mom Fashion and Functionality

#1. Wear Sun Glasses

One item I’m always trying to be stylish about is the sun glasses I choose to wear. You can find some great deals on sun glasses that are stylish! Plus, if nothing else you’re wearing looks fashionable at least you can always count on your sun glasses.

#2. Get the ScotteVest

If you’re a mom who is looking for an awesome fashion piece this year, consider the Scottevest. Carrying a huge purse with all of your gadgets is no longer necessary! Now you can have two arms free to help get your kids from Point A to Point B. I also find that this vest is perfect for travel.  Here are some of my favorite perks of the ScotteVest.

Now you no longer have to carry a purse and have overloaded arms, this is truly the perfect fashion forward piece of clothing for any woman or mom out there! Grab your own ScotteVest right here.

#3. Be Bold

Whatever you choose to wear this year, be bold! I love anything that’s original but still fashionable!

What are your best fashion tips for this year? Mine are to wear sunglasses, get a ScotteVest and no matter what you wear, be bold!