Money Saving Outfit of the Day: Missoni Inspired Knitted Dress #OOTD



09.23.2012 Money Saving Outfit of the Day:

This outfit was a Missoni style inspired knitted dress ($3) with beige Colin Stuart leather open-toe pumps ($5) and it turned a lot of heads today! Even though it’s still 90+ degrees outside in Las Vegas, I wanted to get the Fall season started right! Beige and browns never go out of style as the season gets cooler!

We all know how great Missoni’s patterns are, and when I found this vintage piece at my neighborhood Goodwill in Green Valley (Henderson, NV), I couldn’t resist the pattern, texture, or $3 price! Many of you question my purchases at Goodwill, but I will be the first to say I’ve bought THOUSANDS of dollars worth of luxury brand styles for 1/8th of the price. My savings have totaled anywhere from 80%-90% off on gently used and/or new items. I never wear an outfit until it’s gone through the dry cleaners. And I highly recommend staying away from baggage and bedsheets (unless they’re brand new) to prevent any bed bug concerns and sterilizing the shoes inside and out. #OOTD

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