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Meet The Official Mom Cast for Total Mom Makeover Season Two

Total Mom Makeover 12 Mom Cast Season One

I’m so excited to share the BIG news you have all been waiting for…

As many of you know, our first pilot season for Total Mom Makeover was such a huge hit that we’re continuing on to a new season and a whole new cast!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our first season’s mom cast, brand sponsors, and Dream Team who made Total Mom Makeover happen.

Total Mom Makeover 12 Mom Cast Season One

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It was a season of learning, trial and error, and listening to all of your feedback that brought us to this point in season two.

It’s been a crazy last couple of weeks. I am humbled by reading these stories and having the opportunity to live out God’s purpose for my life to make a difference and to help be the change and transformation this world needs…one mom at a time.

It was January 2017 that I asked our Facebook community this: “I have a quick question for you…if you are a mom that was given an opportunity to receive an all expense paid head-to-toe makeover and then have experts teach you and physically show you how to apply makeup yourself, where to shop and what outfits to buy for your body type, and how to get ready everyday in minutes and have your experience and your personal story documented and shared with the world on social media…would you do it? If yes, hit “like” and comment ‘YES!’ and I will share details here ASAP! I wanted to gauge interest first. Eek this is so exciting, I can’t wait to share it with you!!!”

Then ‘Total Mom Makeover’ was born.

Read the: “Need a Life-Transforming Head To Toe Mommy Makeover” Here

Twelve moms (including six mom influencers) applied and were selected out of hundreds of applicants to experience THE opportunity of lifetime: a head-to-toe mommy makeover. Not only will they get pampered, they will also learn the how-to’s of how to apply the very same makeover techniques on their own once they get home AND bring home a jam-packed gift of ALL the products they get to keep too.

Oh, and let’s not forget the professional photo shoot and getting personal with their fifteen seconds of fame by sharing their own unique story. These twelve women face relevant issues that have unique, fun, humorous, quirky, witty, and impactful life stories of motherhood and their own personal story. This is not your typical one and done mommy makeover, we are here to motivate, inspire, and transform.

This project is self-funded and in partnership with several amazing brands who share the same vision, desires, and beliefs as I do – there’s no telling how far this show could go!

So what happens next? Filming begins in two weeks on August 4th and August 5th. The ‘Total Mom Makeover’ webshow will begin airing it’s first season every Thursday at 8/7pm Central beginning September 28th, 2017. Each episode will feature one mom’s unique story and their vow to stand out from the crowd with the opportunity to receive an all expense paid head-to-toe makeover transformation by the “Dream Team” – some of the most elite fashion, beauty and style experts from around the county.

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Meet the 12 moms receiving an all expense paid head-to-toe total mom makeover. The full article is available at Total Mom Makeover official website. Click here for the link.


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