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Makeup, Motherhood and Me Time: How-To Bring Fun Into Your Morning Routine

This post is sponsored by The Original Donut Shop® Coffee from Keurig. All opinions are my own.

If you were asked to describe your life, what would you say? My life in a nutshell is, well, busy. As if getting out of bed wasn’t hard enough, I’ve got to get the kids ready for school, drop them off, clean the house, prepare meals, pick up the kids, drive them to activities, make sure they eat dinner and get them ready for bed. Rinse and repeat. Of course, I couldn’t do this without my trusty Keurig® brewer — if I don’t get coffee, I can’t function! And with the touch of a button, The Original Donut Shop® K-Cup® pods sprinkle some delicious fun into my life and totally injects fun into my morning routine! Donut Shop coffee is my permission sip (just like permission slip – get it?! Eh?! Eh?!) that allows me to embrace the lighter side of life.

Despite my busy schedule, I still manage to squeeze in some “fun time.” Fun time is time where you can let loose, not have a care in the world, and sometimes—just sometimes— look life right in the eyes and say, “Sorry, but today, I’m having fun!” Life is too short to be serious all the time. You have to live a little. After all, good times and great coffee go hand-in-hand, and the simple joy of The Original Donut Shop Coffee is the perfect companion for all those wide-eyed, weird, and wonderful moments that make life truly great. It’s no wonder the Donut Shop Regular is the #1 selling variety of K-Cup® pods in the U.S.!

Do I have your attention? Good!

So, you’ve decided that TODAY is the day you are going to have fun. What exactly do you do?! No worries, we’ve got you covered! Here’s our typical “day in the life of” what our Saturday mornings are like between my blog partner, Charlene, and I and our children! We definitely know how to have fun when it comes to work and play – especially when we love what we do. Passion is a core element of enjoyment and having fun. When you enjoy what you do, you always feel like you’re having fun. Right?!

We’ve come up with five different ways to easily accomplish a fun day that YOU deserve. No alcohol required… just coffee! Hah!

Obviously, two heads are better than one. Why be alone when you can have fun with someone else? In other words, sometimes coffee is better with a friend. So grab some donuts and some of The Original Donut Shop K-Cup® pods and chat it up! Maybe it’s the sprinkles on the box, but I have to admit, there’s something about this coffee that screams FUN! Laugh, giggle, cry happy tears…actually, nevermind, no crying allowed!

And smile. It’s coffee with a friend!

Here’s another idea: put some sheet masks on, some eye masks, hair masks, a ski mask… whatever masks and enjoy each other’s company. It’s time you took care of yourself with self-care. Can’t get a babysitter? No problem! You can pay your little ones to rub your feet (you’d be surprised what a dollar bill and a chocolate bar can get you). Plus, with the kids nearby, that means they’re not running around making a mess and getting into trouble. Look at you, you’re multi-tasking! Who said having fun wouldn’t be productive?!

Hey! Not all toys are just for kids – not for me at least. Remember being a kid and having a huge basket of toys, yet you always reached for the same one? Guilty! What about that video game you played that always kicked everyone’s booty?! I have to admit that was never me! Well, it’s time to take it back from the kids. Call dibs on the controllers and enjoy a nice competitive game of [insert name of whatever video game the kids are playing these days here]. And the best part? You can make the kids watch YOU play. Ah, how the tables have turned. And, oh yeah, no cheating!!!

You don’t always have to go somewhere to get all dolled up. It’s actually nice to just slather some makeup on and put on a nice outfit for yourself. Heck, call a friend over and have an impromptu makeup party. Do her hair and makeup, and enjoy the process. Who wouldn’t want a last-minute makeover? No clown makeup please. That’s just scary.

Now, this one is optional, but just remember sharing is caring and it’s a win-win situation. Get rid of something you don’t use anymore and hand it over to a friend. Not only would you be doing yourself a favor by freeing up some extra space, but I bet your friend would enjoy it too.

Just don’t tell her the foundation you handed over to her expired three years ago, and you’re good. Don’t worry, I won’t tell.

There you have it! Voila! Five activities to make any day a fun day! Remember not to take life seriously all the time. We all could use a little more fun and happiness in our lives. So go ahead – live a little. Laugh a lot. Pull a prank or two (your secret’s safe with us). Find the moments in life that make you smile, and the coffee that does the same.

Because life’s too short to be too serious. Seriously.

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