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How to Maintain Your Stockpile Easily and without Stress





Last week we talked about how to start a stockpile without losing your mind. Did you work on getting one started? The second biggest lesson you will have to learn when stocking up on the things you need is that a stockpile is great, but it has to be maintained in order to really save you money and do you any good. So this week we're going to learn how to maintain your stock easily and without stressing yourself out too much. First, I'm assuming that you've got a few things on hand in your stockpile to get you started. The goal here is not to have to go out and spend a ton of cash or time to get stocked back up when you start to get low on things.


This week? You're going to stop shopping. Yes, you read that right. I want you to stop shopping once you've got a few weeks of stockpile built up. I still want you to take a look at the sales ads each week though. IF there is a killer deal that you just have to go pick up, by all means, do so. However, if that deal is soup and you already have 100 cans stockpiled? Please skip it unless your family eats soup three times a day. Shop responsibly if you're going to shop. Each week, you'll take a look at what you still have in stock and then you'll head to the sale flyers. If you notice that you're running low on green beans, look for a sale on green beans. If you can't find a good deal on them? Wait to buy them until you do find a good price. This allows you to watch for what you know you're running low on and purchase it when its at its lowest point instead of having to rush to the store to buy something because you have run out. Rushing to the store leads to full price and full price leads to broke. Broke leads to sad. 😉


Once you get into the habit of checking what you're low on, of checking the sales ads and of waiting to buy, you will start to see your savings add up over and over. Eventually, you'll be so well stocked and have your stockpile running so efficiently that you will be able to go weeks without shopping at all! Personally? I have not shopped for anything besides milk, eggs and bread for over 3 months now and I still have around 2 months worth of food stockpiled. It is at this point that I will start checking those ads again and working to re-stock what we've eaten away. This system allows me to maintain the level of stockpile that I prefer and to do it on a leisurely schedule whenever I want to.


See? I said there wouldn't be any stress involved and there isn't! That is the beauty of a stockpile. You notice you're running low so you start to look for deals. Because you still have a few items in stock, you don't have to stress and rush. You are free to wait a week or three and buy when you can really save. Over time your savings adds up and eventually, you've saved a bundle!


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