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“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for LISTERINE. I received samples for this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

I’ve partnered up with Listerine and I am excited to introduce you guys to their amazing products!

If you anything like me, which I am sure many of you are, then having a healthy smile and fresh breath is something you make sure you always have. Sure, we have our normal brushing routine, but there’s nothing better than having that extra freshness with you throughout the day. One of my most favorite products by Listerine is the Cool Mint Listerine Pocket Packs. This is great for the people that are always on the go that have meetings, lunch dates and other social gatherings. Not only do these strips cover up bad breath, it actually kills 99% of the germs that cause it. Another reason I prefer it over chewing gum or eating mints is because it is discreet. You just place a strip in your mouth and it does all the work, so you can stay professional and have fresh breath!

Listerine Pockets Packs

Listerine has also created four mint flosses that are specific to all types of needs when it comes to cleaning our teeth; Ultraclean, Healthy White, Cool Mint and Gentle Gum Care all work gently and effectively. The Ultraclean and Healthy White have been developed with Micro-Grooves, and along with the Cool Mint, removes a significant amount of plaque – up to 61%. For the more sensitive gums, the Gentle Gum Care is also available.

For places that are much tougher to reach, Listerine also offers the Ultraclean Access Flosser which is able to reach 100% of the hard to reach areas of the mouth. With an easy to hold handle and well designed head, the flosser is an amazing idea and a must have.

Listerine Floss2

And, last but not least, what would out mouth cleaning process be like without a great mouth wash. The Healthy White is a peroxide-free mouthwash that gives a more gentle experience. It not only gives fresh breath, it also prevents cavities, removes stains safely, restores enamel and so much more. With all the benefits of this mouthwash, there is no reason to leave this out on your next trip to the store.

You can also purchase these item online by clicking here!

Listerin Mouthwash2


To find more items like this, visit the official website of Listerine at

Check out our Listerine YouTube page for some great tips that will help you create healthy habits!

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