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A Life Makeover Starts With The Garage

What is the one thing that keeps you from being more productive when it comes to achieving a structured work and life balance? Some may say it’s from being so tired after work, while others say it from not having enough time. I agree with both, but what causes this? For me specifically, it all boils down to one thing – having an messy home! I believe we often overlook the affects having a well organized home has on our mood. There is just something highly motivating about waking up in the morning when the floors are free of mess, the closet is free of clutter and everything is in it’s proper place. At the same time, coming home from work to a house of chaos immediately drains me of the remaining energy I have left. By the time we clean everything up, we are tired and out of time!

Well, I can happily say, that has changed in the past few months thanks to a few steps we took towards organizing our life, and it started with our garage. Or to be more specific, “somebody” else’s garage. Before I get into details of what we did with our home, I want to share an exciting experience my husband and I had – interviewing the very well-known TV personality, Al Roker!

Many of us know of Mr. Roker as America’s weatherman. But on our recent interview with him, we learned that he is not only a great host, but he is also a husband and a father of 3. With someone this hard working, that is able to balance work and life, you know we had to ask him for some advice on how me manages to do what he does. Watch the video and see what he had to say.

My husband and I also had the pleasure of checking out his garage setup and how it’s helped him with time management. It was definitely a motivating experience. We never really think about how the type of storage system we have can help us manage our time better. Walking through his garage as he explains where placed all his items really opened my eyes to the difference that organization plays in our daily lives. Check out the video below to see how he’s used his Gladiator storage system to help him manage his hobbies, house duties and other activities.

Did you get any good ideas? I sure did! As a mom, I can proudly say that I am sentimental. I like to hold onto all my kid’s “stuff” from when they were babies up to now. I don’t doubt that many of you other moms out there do the same. The only issue I’ve come across with doing that is running out of space for everything else. Because as kids grow, so does clutter in the home.

Aside from that, as a lifestyle blogger, I have a few things of my own that are looking for a place to be stored. So with our new Gladiator GarageWorks products, we’ve been able to “see the light”, so to speak. When we were running out of ideas of how to better manage our home as far as organization goes, so the storage units came just in time!

Before Gladiator

Gladiator Before Shelf

I have a bad habit of keeping items that we have no use for or rarely use in our house. Most of the time, we stuff them in closets only to find that we’ve run out of room for things that we actually need everyday like clothes, accessories and other daily essentials. So we brought all the unused items down to the garage and stored them in our new Gladiator storage units.

Gladiator Shelves

We also had a bunch of bins that we were able to neatly stack in the metal shelving unit and it looks great! It’s given us more space in the house and even the garage. Not only is there more room to move around, I now have more space to work with when it comes to all my blogging related work and home decor. Also, now I don’t have to force hubby to go and do stuff in the garage – I win!

Gladiator 1

We all go through that experience of being exhausted, feeling like there is no hope of every getting life together. I highly encourage everyone to consider how a cluttered home can create a cluttered life. It’s changed so much for my family and I, so I’m sure it can do the same for many others. Time is precious, so we don’t want to spend it always cleaning and looking for things. I have become so much more productive with work that I’ve been able to spend a bit more time relaxing, hanging out with the kids and doing other projects. What amazes me the most is, that it all started from the garage!

Check out Gladiator GarageWorks and see what products can help you organize your life!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Gladiator GarageWorks. All opinions are my own.

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