My Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! Experience #ABCTVEvent

We were invited to attend a live taping and on set tour of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show. I was invited as media to attend this all expense paid trip in exchange for my coverage. All opinions are my own.

Jimmy Kimmel

Every single event during our press trip to Hollywood was nothing but AMAZING!!! Seriously! As we embarked another exciting adventure, we pulled up to the studios of Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Hollywood with our eyes lit up with excitement. The best part of our #ABCTVEvent in LA was that it was during Cinco de Mayo and since ABC TV likes to stick to the theme, we had some fun with one of my favorite foods…Mexican food! We visited the Jimmy Kimmel Live show for a night full of laugh-out-loud laughter and got our night started in the VIP lounge with a tasty spread of Cinco de Mayo inspired Mexican food. Afterward, we had our Q&A with Executive Producer Jill Leiderman and co-head writer and soon-to-be mommy Molly McNearney (Molly is also Jimmy’s wife).

Jimmy Kimmel 4

Jimmy Kimmel 1
Photo credit: @MollyMcNearney ‘s Twitter page. Molly pictured with her fellow “Jimmy Kimmel Live” writers backstage at the 2012 Emmy Awards.

We watched clips of his show while enjoying great company and Jimmy Kimmel had a full audience in his studio that day. My favorite bit has always been the “Mean Tweets”! Hahaha! I can't even type without laughing when I think about it! Jimmy Kimmel had a great night planned with special guests Julia Roberts and Sally Field, and we got to meet Guillermo! I'm huge fans of all three, and was thrilled to be in the same building with two of the most amazing actresses of all time! Between watching Sally Field taking a shot of tequila and seeing Julia and Sally participating in the first-ever “Celebrity Curse Off”, I almost peed in my pants laughing so hard! It was hilarious in person since there were no bleeps or edits. I couldn't believe some of the words that came out of Sally Field's mouth – she had Julia Roberts tongue tied!

Jimmy Kimmel 2
Guests Sally Field and Julia Roberts participate in the first-ever “Celebrity Curse-Off” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Photo courtesy of ABC.

After the show, we shook hands with Guillermo and did a tour of the set, and guess who made a surprise visit?! Jimmy Kimmel!!! We totally did not expect that at all. Such a humble and down to earth guy – very gracious and sweet. He has a warm smile and kind spirit about him. He even offered to take pictures with each blogger individually instead of the recommended group photo! I got to sit in the same exact chair that Julia Roberts and Sally Field sat in and posed with Jimmy sitting on the exact desk he does his interviews!!! Another once in a lifetime opportunity I got to check off my bucket list!

Jimmy Kimmel 5
Jimmy Kimmel 6

After Jimmy said his goodbye’s we gathered for a group shot with the one-and-only Marshall, seated in Kimmel’s chair! It totally suits you, Marshall!

Jimmy Kimmel 3

This was a night I will remember for the rest of my life! If you didn’t catch the live show on May 5th, check out these clips of the show:

Sally Field Celebrates Cinco de Mayo with Jimmy Kimmel, Guillermo & Tequila

Julia Roberts on Hollywood & Hookers

Julia Roberts vs. Sally Field in Celebrity Curse Off

Planning a visit to Los Angeles? Book tickets for the show! Just know that #Kimmel tickets sell out fast, so book them well in advance. Follow him on Twitter too. Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

*Photo credit by ABC TV

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