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If there’s one thing in our daily nutrition that we should never leave out, it’s milk! How do you start off your day? We all need that energy, that boost, to help us take on all the tasks we have going on. A lot of people may not be fully aware of the benefits of milk, but it is much more essential to our health than we know. There are countless benefits to drinking milk, so we should never forget to include it in our routine. Milk is important to the health and growth of our kids, and for adults who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Did you know that in just an 8 oz. glass of milk, there is already 9 essential nutrients that your body needs? One of the most significant is protein, which builds and repairs our muscle tissues. There are eight grams of high-quality protein in just one 8 oz. glass of milk, something we need to have in our body for our muscles and bones to function with strength. You don’t have to drown yourself with it either. Even just 8 oz. a day is sufficient. If we make time to include milk in our breakfast in the morning, it will help us stay up and active. With work, school, play and all the other activities involved in our 24-hour day, you cannot afford to leave out high protein milk. It will definitely help you TACKLE YOUR DAY!

Protein in milk is also what serves as a source of energy in our intense work outs, which is great if you want to be able to have a truly effective work out that shows results. Many people make the mistake of not including milk with their exercise, but if it gives you more energy during your work outs and helps you rebuild muscles that have gone through a beating, you’ve got to have it. The protein will not just restore, but build stronger and leaner muscles so you can look and feel awesome! This is especially true for children that play and stay active or more importantly for children who don’t get enough physical activity. Milk is a significant element in their growth and future. Their muscles and bones will be a lot stronger, and if they are involved in sports or even if they are just active overall, milk will give them the natural energy they need, with nothing but positive effects.

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The benefits don’t stop there, with the calcium in milk, we can develop stronger bones and teeth, along with the Vitamin D, another essential nutrient. Strong bones and a beautiful smile, perfect! One of the most important parts of our health is our blood pressure. Milk provides 11% of the Daily Value of potassium, according to the National Dairy Council, which helps in maintaining a normal blood pressure. Other contributing nutrients are Vitamin A, for maintaining our vision and skin and Vitamin B12, for building healthy red blood cells. And, to help convert the food we eat into energy we can use, milk provides a nutrient called Riboflavin. Niacin metabolizes sugars and fatty acids, and phosphorus helps strengthen our bones and put energy into our cells as well. These nutrients, all play a vital role in giving us what our body needs to be strong and well managed.

As a father of four, I’ve seen the positive results that drinking milk have given my kids. What’s great is that milk also tastes great and they find it so refreshing after they run around and play for hours – so it’s one healthy item I don’t have to force them to take. There is no denying the great benefits that milk provides for our health and lifestyle. What I really love about milk is that it not only makes us healthy on the inside by providing the nutrients for bones and cells, but it makes us look healthy on the outside, from our teeth, to our muscles and even our skin. It’s such a convenient and simple step to take to gain a life-long benefit to our wellness. Got Milk? Always make sure to keep plenty in the fridge!

Breakfast Blitz Fuel Up

The “got milk?” Campaign and Fuel Up to Play 60 (FUTP) Breakfast Blitz program is helping to provide $250,000 in grants to local schools across the country to help give kids greater access to a healthy breakfast. Now through Feb. 17, when you buy milk you can vote to have a portion go to a local school. Fuel Up to Play 60 is a great in-school program designed to show students how to eat right and stay active. Choosing healthy foods and leading an active lifestyle gives families the energy to do the things we love. #BfastBlitz

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