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5 Reasons Why I Choose Target For My Back To School Supplies Haul

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I've raised children who LOVE school supplies. No joke. Every year for the last eleven years, I have spent hours at retailers like Target on the hunt for school supplies. In the last two years alone I have had to purchase school supplies for FOUR CHILDREN! Ahhhhhhh! Talk about going nuts! I bring the children with me and it's pure chaos!

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To make things fun, I've made school supply shopping with the kids a family tradition by creating a scavenger hunt game for them. Each child gets their own list and must find their own school supplies while the parents walk around with them to check on their lists and what supplies they've found. Working together as a team has made school supply shopping faster and has saved us way more time than buying them all by myself!

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Plus, watching the kids get excited about returning to school is always a delight, because we want them to like school (DUH) which all starts with…drum roll…school supplies! HOORAY! School supplies are important for the children to have the right tools, but that doesn't mean those tools have to be boring! Look for supplies that are vibrant with cool designs and bright colors for added fun during learning time!

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MONEY + TIME SAVINGS TIP: Be sure to shop for school supplies during Target's school supply sale from August 2-8! Your shopping strategy: come prepared by having your manufacturer coupons and Target coupons ready to combine with your Target RED Card!

Target BTS 8
I've made Target my personal preference for back to school supply shopping for a number of reasons:

1. They have a dedicated section for all-things-school-supplies during the back-to-school season and it's easy to find (our Target places this section at the back left corner of the store).

Target BTS 14

2. The prices are amazing! Whether school supplies are on sale or not, Target's prices are low AND they have a price match guarantee! Let's not forget the 5% off using your RED Card, that Target accepts manufacturer coupons that you can combine with one Target coupon, and there are Cartwheel savings too! And by the way, if you don't have a Target RED Card, you're missing out! #BOOM

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3. One-stop shopping saves you time, money and all that driving around! Did I mention how much I value my time? I'm sure you do too, right? While I'm school supply shopping, why not get their uniforms, groceries, toiletries, and cleaning products out of the way too? Yup, you can buy all of that in one place…at Target!

4. You can shop online and have it shipped to you for free with your Target RED Card or pick it up at your nearest Target store FREE!!!

5. And the newest, most amazing reason…Target has a new tool that makes BTS shopping even better and will help us parents shop the supply list faster: School List Assist – the easiest way to shop for school supplies! It's an online destination built specifically to make finding the exact school supplies you need from the comfort of your home.

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Using the School List Assist tool is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Click on the School List Assist link, enter your zip code and then select the store location closest to you.

Target BTS 27

2. Shop by category on the left sidebar or type in the school supply item in the “Search Box” at the top and add items to your shopping cart.

Target BTS 19
Target BTS 20

3. Pay and ship when you're all done shopping by checking out your cart and selecting the option to either pick-up in store or have it shipped to your door!

Target BTS 21
Target BTS 15

See — easy peasy, lime and squeezy and all of that jazz hands stuff. Let us know how your School List Assist worked out for you or please share any back to school supply shopping tips and tricks! Enjoy!


Target makes going back to school easy.

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