Glad Black Bags: Cleaning Up From Couponing

With a family of six, I have learned to create the most efficient process in handling the constant mess in our home. The messiest family members: the tweens and toddlers. Here is my 10-step cleaning process I do on a weekly basis that helps me tidy up effectively:

1. Conquer the messiest room first and bring a laundry basket with cleaning supplies inside (Glad Black Bags, window cleaner, all-in-one cleaner, paper towels, sponges, and duster). Do bathrooms last.
2. As you’re cleaning each room, place items inside the laundry basket that need to be organized in it’s correct location to do later. Clean each room in this order: dust, clean glass and windows (and/or sinks, toilets, and tubs), organize the placement of the room, throw out trash).
3. Drag each Glad Black Bag with you as you go from room to room to throw away excess trash
4. Put items in the laundry basket back where they belong
5. Rinse dishes and put them in dishwasher
6. Wipe kitchen countertops with all-in-one cleaner
7. Run dishwasher
8. Vacuum floors
9. Mop floors
10. Throw out trash

With my obsession with couponing, I’ve found it difficult to store and organize the piles of papers and coupons I receive (many of them, I will admit, are EXPIRED! Eek!). My head was spinning from all the coupon booklets, files, trash, unnecessary mess on the floor and I knew I needed to get it done and FAST! Here’s just a small glimpse of the mess:

Tear Resistant = YES!
It’s true! Glad Black Bags with ForceFlex for organizing the mountain of coupons in living room was tear resistant and sturdy in handling a good 20lbs of expired coupons and trash. They are huge and the ForceFlex feature allows me to shove things in the trash bag without ripping holes. With the holiday season here and all the wonderful parties we will be hosting, we anticipate the heavy clean-up and a tear resistant back will certainly do the trick (and because it holds a good amount of mess – I won’t have to use as many trash bags!).

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Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Glad. I received products to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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