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Interesting Gifts for Teens That Will Make You Look Like A Cool Mom – Teenager Gift Ideas

As a mom to teens, I can honestly tell you that I have done an amazing job with finding my teens the right Christmas gift! But each year gets harder. This year I've entrusted my fifteen (15) and seventeen (17) year old daughter and son to help put together and curate these 20 gift ideas for teens. My disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for the obnoxious squeals of joy that will be coming out of your home on Christmas day from your teens when they see how awesome of a parent you are for getting them awesomeness gifts.

How to shop for teens in your life

*TIPS ON HOW TO SHOP THIS COLLAGE: If you'd like to see each product's name and price in the collage below, all you have to do is hover over the ‘+' symbol of the product image you're interested in. To learn more about the product, click on the ‘+' symbol and it will open a new tab/window to take you directly to the product. Now we've made it super easy for you to shop the post!

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Happy Holiday Shopping! -xOxO Daisy Teh

1. Mens Nike sneakers
2. “She believed she could” bangle
3. Virtual reality glasses
4. Drone
5. Apple watch
6. Cube Bluetooth speaker
7. Rollerball perfume
8. Xbox One
9. Gold beats headphones
10. “In Pizza We Crust” sweatshirt
11. Kate Spade wallet

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