These Unexpected Gifts for Best Friends Will Make You BFF Of The Year

When you're on a budget and have no idea where to even start – start here!!! We've curated 20 Gift Ideas for Besties that will make your BFF do a selfie when she opens it. #ProudBFFMomentBecauseMyBestGotMeAGift kinda' selfie. Okay, that was awkward. These were a lot of fun to put together because I thought of my best friend, Karen, the whole time. She's thoughtful, creative, talented, intelligent, and a luxury-designer-connoisseur. If you're best friend's any one of the above (like my bestie), then she will love anything you get her from this list!

How to shop for best friend

*TIPS ON HOW TO SHOP THIS COLLAGE: If you'd like to see each product's name and price in the collage below, all you have to do is hover over the ‘+' symbol of the product image you're interested in. To learn more about the product, click on the ‘+' symbol and it will open a new tab/window to take you directly to the product. Now we've made it super easy for you to shop the post!

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Gifts for best friends

1. MAC Lipstick gift set
2. Marble water bottle
3. Blowout in a box
4. Earring gift set
5. Kate Spade Bluetooth speaker
6. Tory Burch crossbody wallet
7. Daisy perfume
8. Ray-Bans
9. BITE Beauty lipstick duo
10. Michael Kors watch
11. Gold Vans
12. Rolling travel bag
13. Glitter is my favorite color mug
14. Knit tech gloves


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