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You Get The Best of Both Worlds with Nature’s Sleep Aerated ViscoLite Dual Pillow #NSAmbassador

I recently had the opportunity to review the Nature’s Sleep Aerated ViscoLite Dual Pillow (Jumbo) and it gave me two options of comfort at night! If you haven’t heard of Nature’s Sleep before, you’ll want to read all about them here!

About Nature’s Sleep:
Nature’s Sleep designs products for comfortable, healthy, harmonious sleep. Our memory foam products cradle your body in perfect balance, providing gentle support and relief throughout the night. We offer products that use organic and hygienic materials that nourish your well-being, so you wake rejuvenated.

And though our products are luxurious, they’re also affordable, because everyone deserves a good night’s sleep.

As a global manufacturer and distributor of specialty sleep products, Nature’s Sleep is passionate about developing new innovations. We rely on sustainable practices to protect the earth’s natural resources, and our unique systems allow us to deliver premium quality at a lower cost. We proudly supply a wide range of national and regional specialty sleep shops, furniture and department stores, mass merchants, internet dealers, as well as serve the hospitality and healthcare industries.

Sweet, blissful comfort underlies everything we do.

My own personal experience with the Nature’s Sleep Aerated ViscoLite Dual Pillow (Jumbo):
It really is plush and cuddly on one side and slightly firm on the other side! I use this pillow primarily for my legs. It was great during my recovery from my Mommy Makeover plastic surgery and because it had a memory foam support, my legs didn’t sink into the pillow like the Faux Down Pillow would! I do snore LOUDLY and I tend to have sleep apnea (surprised, aren’t ya? It’s true and my husband can vouch for me), but with the Nature’s Sleep Aerated ViscoLite Dual Pillow (Jumbo), I haven’t woken up in the middle of the night uncomfortable for months! If you’re not quite sure what you want as far as level of firmness, I recommend purchasing this pillow so you get the best of both worlds!

With an average rating of 4.8 stars, here are the features that the Nature’s Sleep Aerated ViscoLite Dual Pillow (Jumbo) comes packed with:

The Aerated ViscoLite Dual Pillow is the newest cutting edge in visco memory foam technology. It is a softer, more moldable pressure relieving memory foam with a Aerated ViscoLite formulation. You can have the best of both worlds, a huggable pillow made of memory foam that supports your neck and head in ultimate comfort. Available in a queen size for a perfect fit. A zippered cotton cover is washable and completes the soft feel.

Natures Sleep Pillow

Natures Sleep Pillow 2

Features and Benefits:

  • A unique combination of our Aerated Visco technology and FauxDown in one pillow!
  • One side is our plush FauxDown and the other our responsive Aerated ViscoLite memory foam.
  • Nature’s Sleep’s Proprietary Aerated ViscoLite Formulation softer more moldable
  • Molds softly and comfortably to support the shoulders and spine
  • Minimizes pressure points to reduce stress
  • Unique Pressure Relieving and Contouring properties properly align your head and necks
  • Relief from common insomnia, snoring, neck and back pain
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and dust-mite resistant
  • Luxuriously smooth allergen resistant 100% cotton velour
  • Removable and washable for easy care


  • Solid molded Aerated ViscoLite memory foam pillow (not shredded foam) on one side and our FauxDown technology on the other.
  • Nature’s Sleep proprietary Aerated ViscoLite memory foam
  • High density pressure relieving memory foam with a softer feel
  • Traditional Shape
  • 100% cotton cover

*Disclosure: Nature’s Sleep provided me with the Aerated ViscoLite Dual Pillow (Jumbo) to try out and give them my honest opinion.

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