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The Gentle and Effective Kid’s Regularity Formula – Culturelle® Kids

As an adult, we’ve all experienced regularity issues when it comes to our digestion – those times when we want “to go”, but our bodies just won’t cooperate. We all know how stressful and sometimes painful that gets. Well, our kids also will have to deal with this same problem at some point during their childhood, and as loving parents, I’m sure none of us like seeing them go through that.

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So what causes this? It could be a number of different things like diet, but whatever the reason may be, there is a solution! Culturelle® Kids Regularity Gentle-Go™ Formula has a new and effective product that will help ease this struggle and get your kids back to the activities they enjoy doing. I’ve seen what it’s done for my younger children and as a mom of four, I will say that this is one of those products that need to be readily available at home for the children. You never know when these tummy issues will happen, but when it does, it just makes life so much easier!


I remember the times when my children were much younger and they had to deal with these stomach issues. It was a tough situation to be in for everyone, especially my poor babies that seemed so helpless. I wish I had this product handy at the time because it would have saved us so much grief and my children so much pain. You never really think about how much a child’s upset stomach can affect the day. When they’re unhappy, you’re unhappy, and by the end of the day everyone is just so exhausted. Now, I feel at EASE because I have Culturelle® Kids Regularity Gentle-Go™ Formula to put my kids at EASE if this problems was to ever randomly occur. I’ve seen it at work and I am so happy we have it!


This Culturelle® Kids Regularity Gentle-Go™ Formula helps keep the digestive system running smoothly and promotes healthy digestion and bowel function to bring back regularity to a child’s bathroom trip “schedule”. We have been using the Probiotic Packets for our children and it’s been great. Each Probiotic Packet contains 2.5 billion cultures of the probiotic Lactobacillus GG and 3.5g of dietary fiber from INULIN, which in a prebiotic vegetable fiber from chicory root, and kiwi fruit.* For every serving, your child will get the same amount of dietary fiber contained in five prunes. So, they are retaining the nutrients they need for healthy digestion.*


Suggested use for this product is one packet daily for 1-6 year olds, and two packets daily for kids 7-12 years of age. You can pick up a package of 24 single serve packets for only $26.49 at all major retailers, including Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid.



Other things I like about Culturelle® Kids Regularity Gentle-Go™ Formula is that it is both drug and stimulant free, sugar-free, gluten-free° and dairy-free. I can’t think of a better product to help ease the struggle of irregularity for my children’s stomach issues than Culturelle® Kids Regularity Gentle-Go™ Formula. Give it a try and let us know how it worked for you!

Here is a $5 off coupon for Culturelle® Kids Regularity Gentle-Go™ Formula you can use when you purchase yours!


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Culturelle®. All opinions are my own.

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