DIY Flower Cupcake Recipes for Mother’s Day


Thinking about getting mom flowers or sweets this Mother’s Day? How about both! FamilyFun Magazine has the perfect sweet treat for moms to enjoy this weekend – a cupcake Mother’s Day bouquet. Bake mom’s favorite cupcake and decorate with seven different tasty and beautiful flower cupcake recipes you can do yourself! A fun DIY for everyone!

For each, start with a generously frosted mini cupcake. Press the candies listed into the frosting as shown:

Cupcake 1:
Petals: Large gumdrops rolled flat and cut into thin strips
Center: Large gumdrop

Cupcake 2:
Petals: M&M’s
Center: Sour Punch Straws cut diagonally

Cupcake 3:
Petals: Raspberry Candies and Sour Punch Straws cut diagonally
Center: Small gumdrop

Cupcake 4:
Petals: Mini Marshmallows topped with Flower Sprinkles
(attach them with frosting using a toothpick)

Cupcake 5:
Petals: Licorice Twists cut diagonally
Center: Blackberry Candy

Cupcake 6:
Petals: Mike and Ike candies
Center: Gumball

Cupcake 7:
Petals: Licorice Pastels


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