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February 2017 Photo A Day Instagram Challenge

February Photo A Day Challenge

Join us for the February 2017 Photo A Day Challenge!

February Photo A Day Challenge

Ah, February! Such an amorous month with Valentine's Day around the corner. It's a great reminder to love with all your heart, to be authentic in loving who you are, and to celebrate the opportunity you are given to love others. As busy moms, I can see how busy-ness can make life challenging to feel the love, but don't you allow the drama of busy to hinder your true purpose in life…to love others. I used to loathe Valentine's Day because I was so focused on projects, projects, projects!!! But what I failed to see was how much my husband just wanted to be with me and show me affection, or how much my children wanted me to spend time with them. Don't be like the ‘old me'.

Here is our February Photo A Day Challenge. Scroll below to check out the February 2017 Photo A Day list, and all the details to join in – it's free, it's easy (one photo a day, people!), and it'll create all kinds of buzz and interaction on your Instagram (which translates to more exposure, more likes, and more followers – if that's what you're looking to achieve out of this challenge).

If you’re new, you're not the only one – I've played with other challenges but this is my first time doing my own thing and I’m so glad you’re here to grow with me. We've created twelve months worth of photo a day challenges so we'll be doing this every month in 2017.

Join our Facebook group to share your photos, make new friends, inspire each other and learn a thing or two about photography.

Februry 2017 Photo A Day Challenge


First: It's really, really simple! Just look at the list each day and take a photo using the prompt for creative ideas and inspiration. For example, 1. is for Day One which starts on January 1 and the photo prompt word is ‘Sunset'. All you have to do is take a photo of the sunset in your area.

Second: Share your photo on Instagram or any social media outlet you want to. There's no rule to this. You can share your challenge photo on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. Anywhere really. Join our TIM Photo A Day Facebook group to share in there too so we can all support and encourage one another. Simply use our designated hashtag #VowToStandOut.

Third: TheItDad and I (and hopefully others, as our little group grows) will share our favorite photos from each day's prompt on our Instagram accounts. We'll tag you if you are featured and you can check them out by following @TheItMom and @TheItDad on Instagram.

Here's a post breakdown of how the overall Photo A Day Challenge works. If you want the list emailed to you each month, subscribe in the box below:


Simply upload the photo to Instagram, add a caption {you could mention the day and the prompt in the caption}, add the hashtag #VowToStandOut and then hit “Share”.

Check out the #VowToStandOut hashtag to see all the challenge photos others are posting. Be sure to engage, like and comment on your favorite ones and be a part of the community.

We'll share our favorites on @TheItMom and @TheItDad on Instagram.


For all devices just save the image into your folder or on your Camera Roll in your smartphone.

Need more ideas with the photo prompts, and what to take photos of? Here you go:

1. Happy Color
Your favorite color of a color that makes you feel happy.

2. Pretty in Polka Dots
Anything polka dotted!

3. Looking North
What's up, a northern part of the country, the North star, you get the picture.

4. Tied in Knots
Shoelaces, string around your finger, ropes…

5. Floral Print
Flowers printed on something haha.

6. Little Black Dress
LBD or a black dress in some form

7. From Here to There
Travel related posts or road trips

8. Love Song
Do you have one? Instagram video of you singing it, if you want.

9. No Filter
No makeup selfie, no fancy filters – all raw.

10. Daybreak
I'm thinking sunsets, sun rises, sunny days, shades, sunglasses, etc

11. Simplicity
The simple things in life you enjoy. Mine would be hanging out with my kids.

12. I Believe…
What do you believe? Faith related, quotes, inspiration

13. Kissable Lips
Let's see those lips – pucker up!

14. Hearts
You know what this means – any color or style, let me see 'em

15. What I'm Reading
What's on your reading list? Magazines? Books? eBooks? Hah

16. I Adore…
My children, my husband, my iPhone, my bracelet, my dog.

17. Dream Destination
What's your bucketlist vacation look like?

18. Best Friend
Share a photo of your best friend

19. In My Cup
Drinks, ice cream, desserts, wine?

20. Favorite Scent
It can be perfume bottle, flowers, pine trees, apple pie.

21. From Where I Stand
What's happening where you're at right now?

22. Out of the Ordinary
Something beyond the mundane and mediocre in your life.

23. True Blue
Blue color anything

24. Family
Your family or who you consider family.

25. Rainbow
Did you catch one? Share it!

26. Quality Time
Spending quality time with special people in your life.

27. A Helping Hand
Volunteering, helping someone in need, charity, PTA, church ministry.

28. Love Quote
What's your favorite love quote?

If you’re joining us, please share your Instagram name in the comments, we'd love to check out your challenge photos!

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