Emily Maynard Ties The Knot in Surprise Wedding

Emily Maynard with Tyler Johnson

Emily Maynard with Tyler Johnson
Emily Maynard of “The Bachelorette” found love with Tyler Johnson after things didn't work out with Brad Womack or Jef Holm. This weekend she surprised the world and all of her family and friends with a big wedding. This couple has been engaged since January and all along Emily said she didn't want to wait long to get married.

Viewers first met Emily when she was on the show “The Bachelor” with Brad Womack. It was his second time to be on the show and Emily was the girl that he picked in the end. Things didn't work out so ABC invited her back to try and find love on the show. She picked Jef Holm but they never got married either. Luckily for her Prince Charming was out there and she didn't even realize she had already found him.

Emily and Tyler sent out invitations to a big engagement party. Each guest got a viewfinder that was full of pictures inviting them to come. One message said, “You're invited to Emily and Tyler's engagement party!” Only a few people really close to the bride and groom knew the truth. When everyone showed up, they were taken to the actual location of the wedding and found out they were at a wedding instead of a big engagement party. They pulled it off too because everyone was shocked.

The wedding took place at Tyler Johnson's family farm in Charlotte, North Carolina. Instead of asking a friend to be her maid of honor Emily used her daughter Ricki to stand by her side. Emily spoke out to People about Ricki and Tyler's relationship saying, “It's just as much her day as it is mine because it's a big change for her. She just adores Tyler and he is so good with her. He loves her as if she was his own daughter. It's been so great to see their relationship grow.” Maynard wore a strapless pink Modern Trousseau gown. She is already going by the name Emily Johnson.

Emily Maynard has known Tyler Jonson since before she was on “The Bachelorette” but they were not romantic until after she got back and things fell apart with Jef Holm. They actually met at church and started out as friends. It is great to see her get her happily ever after.

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