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DIY: How To Do A 10-Minute At-Home Express French Manicure

How To Do A 10-Minute At-Home Express French Manicure

With the wedding this weekend, I had so much to do in so little time between packing, preparing, and blogging! To save time and still get professional looking results, I did my 10-Minute Home French Manicure using Drafting Dots, q-tips, nail polish remover, white nail polish, and clear pink nail polish.

Here's how I did it:
1.) On clean and dry nails, stick Drafting Dots
based on desired thickness of white tips.

2.) Paint on coat of white nail polish
starting from left thumb to left pinky and then from right pinky to left thumb *you can color outside of the lines.

3.) Paint on 2nd coat of white nail polish
in the same order

4.) Wait a couple of minutes to evenly dry and then slowly remove drafting dots and discard.

5.) Put small amount of nail polish remover in the nail polish remover lid to use as a pot to dip in q-tips and then clean around areas of nail and correct any lines.

6.) Finish with one coat of clear pink nail polish
on nail beds brushing sideways (try not to get any pink polish on the white tips).

*Option to add clear pink nail polish
all over nail for extra shine but it may chip faster.

And voila! A professional looking French Manicure in 10-15 minutes done from home!