DIY Fourth of July Tulle Wreath

DIY 4th of July Tulle Wreath Tutorial

DIY 4th of July Tulle Wreath Tutorial


Just because it’s not Christmas doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate to make your home stand out for the holidays. This fun 4th of July tulle wreath makes the perfect 4th of July décor. Plus, it’s very inexpensive, fun and easy to make!


Items Needed:

  • Red, White and Blue Tulle
  • Foam Wreath
  • Patriotic Stars
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors



1. Start by cutting your tulle in 16-inch lengths. If you purchased by the yard and not by the roll, cut the strips into 2-inch width. For a 10-inch wreath, you will need around 30-40 strips of each color depending on the size of wreath.


2. Tie strips by wrapping them around the wreath and double knotting them at the outside edge. Alter the colors red, white than blue.

3. Once all the strips have been tied, clean up the edges by trimming any longer pieces.

more ribbons

4. Using hot glue, attached your patriotic stars.

5. Hang using an extra long piece of tulle.

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