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Cottonelle Triple Roll Bridal Party Game Project


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Bridal Showers are taken to a whole new level thanks to Cottonelle Triple Roll! They could be dainty and proper, but what fun would that be?! I'm all about fun and enjoy parties where the guests can participate with the bride and have games that actually make you roll up those sleeves and bring out the creativity in you. The most recent Bridal Shower we did was unique, because instead of doing it just for the bride, they decided to gather BOTH the bride and groom and make it into one ADVENTUROUS Couples Shower.


Game ideas get tricky once you involve boys, because they don't want girly games. And because it was a shower meant for couples, we really wanted to bring everyone together and make it equally fun. We headed to a Target nearby and purchased a 12 pack of Cottonelle Triple Roll Toilet paper along with a coupon (of course) that we printed off.

The Game:
Here Comes The Bride (Boys vs. Girls)

The Rules:
There are two groups (one group of all the boys and one group of all the girls).
Each group is given 6-rolls of Cottonelle Triple Roll Toilet Paper.
The girls are to create a wedding dress and the boys are to create a tuxedo/suit.
They cannot use more than the 6-rolls and the designer pieces must stay on without falling off.
They are not permitted to use scissors or tape – ONLY Cottonelle Triple Roll Toilet Paper.

Cottonelle Bridal 4Cottonelle Bridal 5

Upon completion of the designs, each group must describe what design they chose to go with, and why. The bride and groom must then dance down the toilet paper aisle with their favorite song and whichever one finishes dancing down the aisle without letting any Cottonelle Triple Roll Toilet Paper fall off WINS!

The groups went on their merry and constructed some pretty serious designs…

Cottonelle Bridal 2Cottonelle Bridal 1

And the outcome was HILARIOUS and a ton of fun! All of the guests stayed engaged, participated, and the bride and groom got to show the fun side of themselves that really broke the ice for the Couples Shower.

For this example…the girls won, since clearly the boys' design couldn't withstand the wild dancing from the groom!

Cottonelle Bridal 3

Don't forget to pick up your own 12-pack roll of Cottonelle Triple Roll Toilet Paper at Target and be sure to print out this coupon.

…AND there's a Promotional Offer too (while supplies last): Buy Cottonelle Triple Roll 12 pack or larger and get a FREE box of Kleenex

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