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My Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Consultation With Dr. Frank Stile in Las Vegas

I was so nervous to meet Dr. Frank Stile in Las Vegas, because of my last plastic surgery experience. If you haven't already heard, I recently decided to have plastic surgery again. You can read all about my past plastic surgery experience HERE.

As with anyone meeting someone new for the first time, I really was a nervous wreck. “Am I making the right decision this time? Could he really fix this? Could it be as painful as it was before?” There were so many questions circling in my mind. I wrote them down to make sure I didn't miss asking him during our consultation. Many others I knew had worked with him, and he's got raving reviews through all kinds of different social media networks. I've been on RealSelf Reviews, Yelp reviews, Google searched his reviews. I didn't want to allow any piece of information about him to slip by me to make sure I was 100% certain he was “the one”.

Finding the right plastic surgeon is almost like a dating game, and the consultation is kind of like a first date. You have to get to know each other, feel comfortable around each other, and then if there's a connection, you go on to that next step. After I had searched as much about Dr. Frank Stile as I could online and offline, I finally got enough courage to call their office to schedule my consultation.

Immediately upon answering their phone I was greeted by a sweet, very sincere voice on the other line. She could tell I was nervous and was patient with me as I asked my initial questions on how the process worked. Within the first few seconds, I had already begun falling in love. She scheduled me for a consultation, and within that same week I met with Dr. Stile.

Before I go any further, let's take a moment and reflect on my progression from the beginning to this point:

Step One: I had to mentally decide I was ready to do this before going any further. I wanted it so much, that I decided I was going to do this once and for all! Once I made that decision, I made sure my family was onboard with my decision too (after all, I need help during my recovery and I have children, a career and grown-up responsibilities, not to mention the emotional ties you will experience together as a family). All of these factors could affect the outcome of my surgery so everyone needed to be on the same page.

Step Two: I did my research by visiting other doctors, Google searches, and social media network reviews. I also asked friends who have undergone plastic surgery who they used. Through researching online, word-of mouth referrals, and recommendations, I was able to make an educated and wise decision on who my top 2-3 plastic surgeons would be.

Step Three: I visited my top 2-3 plastic surgeons by scheduling consultations in-person. I asked each plastic surgeon the same questions and used my intuition to guide me along the way. Dr. Stile was my final consultation before deciding who I wanted to commit to and his consultation was FREE!

Dr. Stile's office was in a great location – in the Southwest area of Las Vegas off of the 215 and Russell Rd. As soon as I walked into Dr. Stile's office, Esthetique Plastique, I was amazed with how GORGEOUS and luxurious the settings were in his office. High cathedral ceilings, custom architecture, and contemporary design – for a second I thought I was at the grand entrance of a mansion. The office was buzzing with patients and staff. I felt a positive energy in his office more so than any other plastic surgeon's office I had been to. I was warmly greeted by his staff at the front, and they asked that I fill out a few forms to go over with Dr. Stile.

Within 15-minutes, one of the patient coordinators brought me back into a consultation room where I changed into a super comfy bath robe (yes, the ones you find in the closets of five-star hotels!) and then sat in a plush leather chair. In front of the leather chair was a touch-screen monitor with different features (before and after photos, information, and a way for me to create my own account with Dr. Stile).

Then Dr. Stile and one of his nurses arrived, and we dug deep into the process, what it entailed, setting realistic expectations, what happens going forward, and answered MANY of my questions. He then took a look at my body and what he had to work with, and confidently assured me that he could help me! I was very impressed with the fact that he's done more tummy tucks than any plastic surgeon in the country. And as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect” is TRUE. I then tried on the silicone gel implants to see what size I wanted (I'll spare the size for a later post), and then Dr. Stile came back into the consultation room to make sure he was a part of every step of our decision making process. He agreed with the size I chose based on the results I desired. I then looked through several Before and After Photos of Dr. Stile's past patients and they looked AMAZING! I wanted those same results, and felt good about Dr. Stile's skillful and creative hands turning me into a new…mommy masterpiece! The other neat fact I found out about Dr. Stile was that he was recently named the “Hottest, Sexiest Plastic Surgeon” from the STRIPLV Magazine! Yes, my doctor's a hottie!

The biggest factor in my decision to choose Dr. Stile was that my surgery could be performed by him and his team at his very own Premium Surgical Services Center and NOT at the hospital (and NOT by unknown hospital staff scheduled to work that day — trust me, it's very uncomfortable standing naked in front of strangers prior to surgery)! He is the ONLY plastic surgeon in Las Vegas that has this available for patients. I dislike hospitals, and honestly don't want to be seen in public being hauled out, because Las Vegas is a small town for residents. I want discretion, uncompromising safety, and convenience. Everything fell perfectly into place the way I've been wanting it to.

Here are my top five reasons on why I chose Dr. Stile as my very own plastic surgeon:

1. Experience – he's done more tummy tucks each year than any plastic surgeon in the country and has had the privilege of treating THOUSANDS of happy patients.

2. Credentials and Education – he's board certified by the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgery), ABMS (American Board of Plastic Surgery), and more. His post doctorate training included twelve years of residency. During that time, Dr. Stile received specialized surgical training at five academic institutions of excellence.

3. Personal referrals and recommendations from friends who have personally chose Dr. Stile for their procedures and are elated with the results (satisfied customers).

4. Before and After Photos – You can always tell the quality of a plastic surgeon's skill by the results of his patients. He didn't just have a few patients with amazing results – ALL of them had amazing results, and numbers don't lie.


Once I finished asking Dr. Stile my questions, we both decided that the best thing for me to do was have all the procedures done at once. The procedures I elected to go with are: abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), breast augmentation (breast implants), and liposuction of my arms and neck/chin. I met with Jessica, Dr. Stile's patient coordinator, and we discussed pricing, pre-operative labs, medications, garments, and everything else I would need to think about and prepare for after surgery (post-operative) and during my recovery. Dr. Stile wanted to make sure pain and discomfort was minimal, and that we all properly planned. As cosmetic as plastic surgery sounds (once the final result happens), it's still a medical procedure that comes with risks. Dr. Stile's goal is to minimize those risks as much as possible by taking preventative measures. Especially given my past surgery experience, he was sincerely very sensitive to that. I felt at peace with my decision, and committed to the surgery! I'm SOOOOOOO excited, you have no idea!!! The thought of a “new me”, new changes, new beginnings, the opportunity to start over with my body and wipe the slate clean…it all seemed hopeless the last seven years. But after my consultation with Dr. Stile, I finally have hope and faith in someone that could give me that opportunity again.

I can't thank you enough for all the positive vibes you've been sending my way. My readers, friends and family have been such a wonderful support system, and equally thrilled for me during this process. And I think that's important when you're going through such a big step in your life.

What's holding you back from making that important decision in your life? And what questions would you ask your plastic surgeon if you were given the opportunity? We'd love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave a comment and share your story.